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Teleflora really sucks when it comes to b0th customer sevice and helping their florists.

I co-own a local flower shop in Lewisville Texas. WE have been with teleflora for three years and we own ALL the codified products and such. So here we are less than a week from Thanksgiving and most of the other Wire Service (( FTD, 1800 flowrs ETC)) codified products have orders. Not teleflora! all of their codified products are still sitting on our shelves. Same with every single holiday as well.

They lie to us the florists, send us crap orders (( Come on 30 bucks for a codified arrangement that sells for 50 on the website? How can we deliver that.))

They tell us to make do with the pitiful amount of money they give us. So when people get an arrangement that they paid 50 for through the wireservice teleflora takes 15% right off the top. This leaves us usually with 37.50 or less depending on what fees they charge us.

We have to be able to make the arrangement with what we have so we usually are forced to cut back on flowers ETC because we also have to take off 7.50 for delivery.

So they cheat their florists and allow florists who do not have an actual store and work from home (( one of the minimum requirements is an actual location for customers to visit.)) to continue getting orders well qand above those that they send to the honest florists.

I cannot stress how much you need to take the time to look up and FIND a flower shop in the area where you are sending florists. That way ALL the money gets to the flower shop and your flowers will be filled to value.

, US
Jul 18, 2019 1:25 pm EDT

I just cancelled Teleflora, 7-8-2019! They do suck the life right out of a new florist. They charged me right at $6, 300 over 14 months and I was dumb enough to keep buying their "codified" with the promise of more orders, paid for more advertising, etc. etc. ...…….well that never happened. FLORISTS - DO NOT CHOOSE TELEFLORA...THEY WILL BANKRUPT YOU! In that 14 months I got 2 checks from them - that's it! We did send back all unopened codified containers and after paying a restocking fee of 35% we did receive a credit...I think. I can't keep up with them. BAD NEWS PEOPLE!

, US
Jan 21, 2014 12:09 pm EST
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What does it matter if a flora shop has a storefront or works from home? A Teleflora florist is a Teleflora florist. I've found that I have gotten better, larger arrangements from florists who have home businesses.

Jason D York
, US
May 24, 2017 3:52 pm EDT
Replying to comment of jim2520

Well yeah! They don't have to pay rent, electric, water, trash. Business license fees, employees, insurance... Most counties/Cities don't allow in home florist businesses.

Dec 02, 2008 4:13 am EST

I hear you florist, i know how this scam works and don't think that the online florist are really getting 50$ for the arrangement, some online florist will get 65$ give you the order for 50$ keep 15$ then keep the transmission fee and THEN weasel you into making a top notch arrangement for $50. Believe me, I KNOW. Oh yeah and when the customer complains its YOU that gets screwed over because the wire service is going to force you to either take another arrangement or they will refuse to pay you for it. It's a win for them either way because these online florist are feeding so many orders thru them they have a steady 15% going to them. Write me. I'll let you in other online florist scams. Don't trust them if they say they're honest or experienced.