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May 31, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Teleflora - failure to deliver and bad customer service

I placed an order threw for my mother's birthday.
I went online to compare all of the online floral arrangements sites since it was my first time ordering flowers. I picked Teleflora thinking I made the best choice.
I placed my order 6 days before they were supposed to be delivered because I didn't want any problem if I placed the order last minute.
Well the day it was supposed to delivered it never came. I called there customer service # and they weren't able to tell me what was going on. The customer service reps. would put me on hold for long periods of times. When I asked for a supervisor I was told that the florist that was supposed to deliver the flowers had already closed for the day and they could not guarantee that they would be delivered the following day. The supervisor was not helpful. After I asked for my money back that night I never got a e-mail confirmation until the following day that my card was going to be charged back. My mom did end of getting her arrangement with no knowledge it was coming 2 days later and was not what I ordered small, no flowers, and didn't even have water in the vase.
I will never order from them again and I hope my experience will scare other not to go with Teleflora...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Teleflora - did not deliver

Company promised next day delivery for an up-charge on May 9. Order placed on May 8. Flowers were ordered for my elderly mother for Mother's Day, since we could not be there. Company did not deliver as promised and has not returned my calls or responded to inquiries. Do not trust this company to do what they promise for important events or dates, unless you and those you are trying to express your thoughts too want to be disappointed.

@ jlinc84...I DIDN'T GET MINE EITHER! I am HIGHLY disappointed! Every year I order from 1800 Flowers because they have always been efficient and I can also TRACK my order. You cannot track anything with teleflora. I even tried to call and check the status of the order and got busy signals. I finally pressed "1" to pretend I wanted to make an order just so I can speak with a rep live and complained. I asked for a FULL refund. they offered to deliver today, [protected] along with a 50% credit. I refused it. I told them tey guaranteed my delivery for Valentine's and failed, why should I believe you will deliver today? Valentine's is over, it is too late, and I will be ordering "make up" flowers from 1800 Flowers. 1800 Flowers RULES, you hear me Teleflora? Get you [censor] together!


Never delivered for Valentine's Day, even when they confirmed that the delivery date would be 2/14/11.

I ordered flowers on line for my daughter the day before Valentines day. I paid a 25.00 service fee plus the total for the flowers, bear,
candy and balloon. I recieved an e-mail stating they had been delivered however, my daughter has not seen them yet. The catch is my daughter and her husband are stationed at Barksdale AFB in Barksdale Louisana. The florest on the airforce base held the order in her hand at 7:00 a.m. Valentine morning and sent it back to Teleflora because she was to busy to fill the order. This is the first time my 22 year old daughter has been away from home and it was VERY important for her to recieve this gift to cheer her up. I am so angry I will consult an attorney. Breach of contract. They stated the flowers would be delivered ON VALENTINES DAY and they were NOT. I will Never order flowers on line again. They have my money but my daughter doesn`t have her flowers. That is stealing!

May 12, 2009

Sally - your flowers must be on the same "truck" as mine are . . . the only thing is mine have been traveling since last Friday. So much for Mother's Day . . . I don't mean to be flip about your situation - just know that you are not alone. I actually got through to the corporate offices in California today. Of course, the person I was supposed to speak with wasn't there, so I left a message. Let's see how far up the ladder I go with this complaint - I'm not stopping until I reach the top.


I'm furious! The promised SAME DAY DELIVERY for a belated Mother's Day flowers. It is know May 12th, and my order still never came through. THis was my first time ordering flowers online and Teleflora WAS THE WORST. Asked for a refund and was told it would take 7-10 business days.

Even sending an email is horrible, no one every gets back to you. Someone ALWAYS picks up the phone, however they lie and say that the dilvery is on the truck, when it is not.

DO NOT USE Teleflora! They suck!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Teleflora - failed to deliver

I've never had such a bad experience with a Florist as this one. I placed an online order a week in advance for a delivery- my credit card was charged immediately. When the day of delivery came, the flowers weren't delivered at all. When I called the number listed on the website, a completely different company answered the phone. I finally found the correct number from my credit card charge and when I called them, so non-English speaking person in India answers the phone and stumbles through an attempt to convince me the flowers would indeed be delivered. When the flowers were never delivered, I called again and was then told the "research department" would have to call me back in a few days. What a joke this company is!


Anything to shut this crappy, ripoff, thieving false advertising company out of business I am fully in board. I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau in Monday.


They stole my money and hurt my mother on mothers day. Anyone have any ideas on how to put a stop to this?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Teleflora - failure to deliver

I guess I should have looked at this website before attempting to order flowers from Teleflora. I thought they were reputable, but I've discovered they lie, cheat and try to steal the Christmas spirit from their customers.

I ordered flowers on Mon at about 10am. I paid by paypal. Ordering was smooth and easy. The flowers were to be delivered on Tuesday afternoon, in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I called my friends in Tuc to find out if they had received the delivery, only to be told "No".

I called Teleflora and was put on hold for about 10 mins. When somebody finally came back to the phone, they informed me they had been trying until 5pm (on Tuesday) to find a teleflora florist in Tuc to make the delivery. I asked them why they hadn't called me on Monday to let me know there was a problem, so I could make an alternate plan. They couldn't answer the question. I told them they needed to refund the money back through paypal. It was insinuated I would not receive a refund. That's about the time I completely lost patience and demanded a supervisor. When the supervisor FINALLY got to the phone, I had to run through the whole story again and was advised they would issue a refund, but it would take 2-3 days. I told them the money needed to be refunded immediately, after all they received the money immediately.

I tried to send a complaint through their website, but, oddly enough, it automatically deletes my entries, so that didn't happen.

This morning, first thing, I called a florist in Tucumcari that I found the number for last night, after my harrowing incident with Teleflora. Imagine my shock, frustration and outright anger to find out the florist I called, IN TUC, is a teleflora florist! I am outraged. I'm a stroke survivor and I am trying to eliminate stress by ordering flowers and avoiding crowds, only to have Teleflora heap all of the stress on me at the last minute during the holidays.

I did order flowers from the florist, but had a special bouquet made up, at an extra expense to me, and would not use Teleflora bouquets. I will never use Teleflora again!

Nov 21, 2008

Teleflora - bad for florists and customers!

Teleflora really sucks when it comes to b0th customer sevice and helping their florists. I co-own a local flower shop in Lewisville Texas. WE have been with teleflora for three years and we own ALL...

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Aug 08, 2008

Teleflora - response to other complaints

I know this is a complaint board... (I'm not that stupid) but I just needed to say my take on this company. I went online to place my first flower delivery order. The flowers were to be delivered today.
I looked at prices and reviews from three company's and decided to go with Teleflora.
On placing the order.. they let me chose the florist in the area that I wanted (had four choices-and you can view each of the florists website to make sure you like your choice) and it was as easy as placing an order for a book at amazon.
I left special instructions to deliver before 12, knowing that this was no guarantee, they only guarnteed that it would be delivered today.
Well, I called the florist (Harmon's and Barton's) this morning, got a friendly person right off and was told that my request should be able to be granted.
The flowers we delivered on time and looked like the photo. I was very happy!
Just need to give credit where it was due.


Yes, I agree that this a Teleflora employee. Wow. Whatever..

I'm guessing this commentor works for Teleflora. You should spend your time fixing your customer service instead of posting bogus positives.

Aug 27, 2008

Just a note to all- DO NOT USE an "order gatherer" to send flowers. They are merely a telephone call center & they charge you a very large fee to place the order. They, in turn, call a florist in that town & give them the order less the fee. You could have called a local florist directly & saved the $12- $15 fee. NEVER, NEVER use anyone other than a local florist!

May 20, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Teleflora - horrible service to customers

I ordered mothers day arrangement from teleflora, for both mothers. Well they took my payment in good faith, and I took their word that the basket w/ 3 african violets and ivy would be delivered in good faith. As of today the issue of the one baskets still has not been address by teleflora. Sunday I called the above number, and spoke with joe (one of many calls made to different customer service pers of teleflora), he assured me that the florist would be picking up the dead african violets (2 of them not 3, placed in a tin can type container, not a basket w/ ivy) and delivering the ordered and paid for arrangement. To this date of writing this letter it has not been done. I have contacted teleflora every day this week I have spoken to joe & david of customer service, angel, and two karens that are supervisors, and lisa from op support, I have emailed them pictures of the item delivered. With no resolution to this problem. I hope that this letter will help others that live far from their families. Use a different florist. My advise is do not use teleflora the have horrible customer service and do not care about resolving problems. At this time I have contacted my credit card company to get my money back.

Apr 07, 2009

When i ordered flowers online, they were supposed to be delievered the day of *as stated on there wedsite same day deliveries can be made if ordered by 2:00pm, well come to find at about 3 pm that day i get an email that they couldnt deliver that day and would have to deliever them another day, so i emailed them back saying to cancel my order... but then thought well maybe no one can send them today and wuickley sent another email saying to go ahead with the delivery... after much thought i called them at around 4pm and stated i needed to cancel, there was no problem at all and i was told i was going to be refunded... i then recieved an email at 5pm stating the order was cancel and i would be of course i went ahead and order flowers from a local florists who was happy to deliever that day!... here i am days later and noticed i was charged and never i emailed them and told them and they said that the email stated i told them to go aherad with the order.. well we went back and forth with emails as they stated they could not cancel the order because it was already delieverd...well long story short i went through my emails and phone calls and stated exact time stamps as to what happened and have yet to hear from them! i was not in the wrong.. here i am now 60 bucks out because they refuse to refund me.. nor even contact me... DONT NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

May 14, 2008

Teleflora - still no delivery for mothers day!

I ordered my mother and mother-in-law flowers for mothers day. I did this well enough in advance to assure that they would be delivered without a hitch. My mother in-law got the flowers delivered to her without a hitch. I continued to wait to hear from my own mother about the flowers that she received, but nothing. I call Teleflora the same day that things were supposed to be delivered and the person refused to take my confirmation number or anything to check on the order and stated that the trucks had til 10 pm that night to deliver. I call back that night at 10 pm sharp to tell them, "now will you take my confirmation number so I can tell you that my flowers were not delivered?" The person tells me that there was a problem and that the florist was requesting more money from Teleflora to help with the flowers. She assured me that this would not be more money from me though. I was "guaranteed" deliver to be Monday May 12, and a 20% refund into my account to be credited. Monday comes, still no delivery. Yet another phone call to be told that the person did not completely file the order so it had not been sent to a florist. I was then again "guaranteed" delivery for Tuesday morning. Tuesday came and went, yet again, no suprise that there was not a delivery. I call yet again and they tell me that the complaints department is closed at that time and they can't do anything for me, but that my flowers should be "guaranteed" delivered that Wednesday morning and that this time I would personally receive a phone call from Teleflora regarding my complaints and assuring my delivery with a 50% refund into my account, not to mention the apology letter to my mother. Here we are Wednesday and I spoke with not one, not two but four different people today. The first told me that 4 calls to them is too many and to trust that they would have the delivery when guaranteed. I then speak with a Supervisor who states that he gives me a "100% guarantee" that my delivery will be received today without any problems and that I won't have to call them again complaining. He also said to me that 4 calls to them was too many, and after I told him where to go and how to get there because I as the customer could call as often as I needed to because I had paid for a services, he said that he really meant that 4 times is too many times to be calling with a complaint and he would get it fixed right here and then. Yet again, no delivery today and another phone call. The next person tells me that they are sorry to tell me that the Mother's day arrangement that I have ordered is no longer available and they would be happy to cancel my order and refund my money. Then, another supervisor gets on the phone and states that the order will be fully refunded and they will still guarantee that it will be delivered tomorrow. Here we come Thursday... wanna bet that there still won't be a delivery?

May 14, 2008

Teleflora - flowers never arrived but I was charged!

I wish I had looked up this site before I placed an order with I ordered a gift for my Mom for Mother's Day and the order went through online with no problems. 3 days after it was supposed to be delivered I contacted them via email to ask what happened. I also tried to call their contact number and got stuck in a loop of the same phone msg and no matter what I tried I kept getting the same msg over and over without ever being able to even be connected to anyone. My CC was charged for this order BTW. I got an email back from teleflora saying that the local florist did not have the product but did not notify them promptly. I am totally disgusted. Even more infuriating is that I had originally tried to place an order with 2 other similar online sites but they indicated that they could not fill my order due to local availability, etc so that is why I wound up placing the teleflora order. I normally would not have even considered them since I find their products of poor quality and design but high-priced. I wish they had been good enough to tell me up front there was a problem instead of messing this up and leaving my Mom with no Mother's Day gift. I will be vigilant about never using them.


Teleflora is a major disappointment. I was silly enough to believe the guarentee of same day delivery. They charged me $13.99 for delivery/service fee. Hours laer and too late to order from someplace else, I get an e-mail saying they couldn't deliver. I called and they could'nt have been more indifferent. Cuodn't care less about the false advertising. I cancelled my order imediately. They tried to say it would be there the next day but I didn't trust them. I had heard the promises before.
Never again. Do not use them if there is an emergency or you need flowers that day. I found plenty of others that charge half as much! Wish I had used them instead.


I just went thru the same thing you did. Did you get your money back?

Mar 29, 2008

Teleflora - late delivery and not what was ordered.

On thursday, march 20, I rodered the "darling daisy" bouquet for delivery march 21 to my mother. This arrangement as pictured in the ad and on the teleflorawebsite is at least 10 visible daisies, 8 visible yellow roses and sprays of tiny yellow flowers as filler, all in a ceramic vase with an embossed and painted daisy motif.

By 5:00 pm they had not been delivered. I contacted teleflora's customer service by both telephone and e-mail. The verbal response was, "well, the local florist received the order." nothing else was forthcoming. The arrangement did not appear that day. By 0:00 am I was again contacting teleflora by phone and e-mail. By phone, this csr offered a 30% refund due to the "late" delivery, which my mother had not yet received. Finally at 3:00 pm my mom got her flowers. When someone, especially your mother, says, "how much did you pay for this?" it means something is wrong. I asked her to describe the flowers.

She received: 6 roses, a handful of daisies and some fern in a glass "ivy bowl" style vase (like a small goldfish bowl with a fluted rim). The vase had hand-painted flowers and a 1/4 inch ribbon on it.

Of course, I immediately received the e-mail stating the delivery had been completed. So I made another round of calls and e-mails to launch the complaint about the product received. Verbally, I was assured that my mother would receive at lteast the proper vase, but the discount would be only 20%. By e-mail, the csr stated the refund would be 50%.

Today, I learned my 50% refund was because they could not furnish my mother with the proper vase.

Stupid me - I assumed the 50% refund was for the late delivery and the missing flowers.

I have the name, address and phone number of the local florist, but I trusted teleflora to deliver what they advertised. Is this "bait and switch"?

Apr 24, 2009

Just had the same experience. Ordered the Pink Damask Vase Bouquet and something entirely different (and unattractive) was delivered. Customer service said they would go pick up the one delivered and replace it with the one ordered...why didn't they deliver the one ordered in the first place?! Teleflora said they would refund my entire purchase if they could go pick up the bouquet. Right, they are going to tell some florist to repo the arrangement on my mom's kithen table. Odd customer service practices.

Feb 16, 2008

Teleflora - scam and terrible service!

Do not use this company. I ordered a dish garden for my ex-husband because his mother passed away. It was supposed to be delivered the next day. The next day teleflora called me and said the arrangement I ordered was not available. I told them I would look online for something different and call them back. I found a similar product online and called teleflora back. The person I spoke to spoke very broken english with a strong middle eastern accent. I could not understand anything she said. The only thing I could make out of the conversation was that the "new" arrangement would be delivered on the same day. Well, the next morning I get another call from telefloral, another non-english speaking person, and after 10 minutes of trying to communicate with her I just said "cancel the order." then I went online and saw that they had already charged my credit card for the arrangement. I was forced to call teleflora once again, spoke to another non-english speaking person who said something about "next week." I am assuming my credit card will be refunded next week. Never use this company, their customer service is horrible at best, and if you're not from the middle east you will not understand a word they say.

Feb 16, 2008

Terrible didn't deliver after 2 days asked for more money stary away they rae an F minus

Feb 15, 2008

Teleflora - order was never delivered!

I placed an order of flowers with Teleflora to be delivered on Valentines day. The order was made 2 days prior to Valentine's day. I had to personally called Teleflora on the night of Valentine's to confirm if the order was received by my recipient. However, nothing was delivered. I had to call many times to complain about the situation. The Teleflora supervisor had done nothing for me and said that I will not get my refund until they can find out what's going on with the order. Valentine's day is now over! Sadly is that nothing was delivered and I still haven't gotten my money and nothing was done about this!

Feb 15, 2008

Essentially the exact thing that happened to me. No one had a good reason for what happened, and no one seemed to really care. Absolute failure on their part, and I will refuse to ever do business with them ever again.

Feb 15, 2008

Teleflora did the exact same thing to me! Ordered my flowers to be delivered on February 14th, called them and they said the flowers would be delivered by 10:00 p.m. that night. Told the recipient - who is in her 70s and goes to bed early - that she needed to stay up until10. She did - but no flowers! Called them back today and still getting the run around.

Interestingly - the person I spoke to yesterday was an American, but the person today (since I assume they knew they'd be getting TONS of complaints like this) was from India. She couldn't even pronounce the state I was in or that the recipient was in!

I wonder how many people order flowers and blindly trust they will deliver them but they never get sent at all. I smell a SCAM!

Dec 29, 2007

Teleflora - terrible experience!

I will never buy from Teleflora again. I would strongly suggest you do likewise. What was delivered bore little resemblance to the picture on their website. For example: Instead of 13 large carnations, it had only five small ones; the vase was not the one shown (instead of the snowmen shown, the "Let it Snowman" arrangement came in a vase with Santas); there were no peppermint sticks, although seven or more were shown in the picture; and the entire arrangement was several inches shorter than the one advertised. It almost looked as though someone "raided" the original arrangement to make another one. What a rip off !

They said I allowed substitutions in my order, but, in fact, I never saw a place to disallow them. When I e-mailed them to complain about this product, the quoted their substitution policy, which says in part: "... our experienced florists will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will substitute only fresh flowers of equal or higher value..." What a pack of falsehoods! They did none of that.

After much haggling, they agreed to refund 35% of my purchase price. If they were worth a damn, they would have replaced this shoddy product with the one I ordered.

My advice: Stay away from this crummy firm and tell all your friends and neighbors to do the same.

i ordered flowers for my daughter through telefloral on friday the 2/10 to be delivered on the 2/14 i called on the 14 to make sure they got there after 4 calls and them telling me they were on the truck to be delivered. they never got there. i called the next day they said did not get to delivery but they would deliver next .i was pissed but thius was for my daughter so i said ok still never got there called an waited for supervisor for 30 min. never got no one .so sent them an email dog cussing them with my name an address an still did not hear from them canceled my order am waiting for refund. worst serivice of my life if theyn gave me a truck load of flowers for free i swear i would not take them jerry johnson

Jan 18, 2008

I placed an order yesterday for a specific arrangement to be delivered to my mother (Dr Chicken) and it was substituted with a completely different arrangment! There were no roses in the one she received and it was an entirely different container/balloon, color theme and quality. Basically she got nothing but cheap daisies in a ridiculous looking coffee mug and no one at their "most trusted florists" contacted me about making this change. To my knowledge no one at this florist contacted Teleflora to inform them of this substitution either. Why do they ask for your phone number then? They had the means to contact me, they just didn't care!

I sent an email of complaint and asked for a refund since they have a "Satisfaction Guarantee" and they said it would be issued...IF they went out and took the flowers back! Otherwise they would credit me back just 50% to leave her alone after having major surgery.

I will never, ever purchase from Teleflora again as what you select and more importantly, what you PAY FOR is not what you get!

Oct 17, 2007

Teleflora - do not use them unless you like problems

This has been a nightmare, brought to me, by! NEVER again! I ordered flowers online the day before yesterday (Monday, early morning), to be delivered yesterday — I am in North Carolina...

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May 15, 2007

Teleflora - flowers never arrived

I ordered my flowers online on May 2 (the money was taken out of my account right away) for delivery on Monday, May 7 thinking I was doing this far enough in advance of Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13...

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Jan 12, 2007

Teleflora - the money was taken out of my acct and no flowers were delivered

My complaint is... I ordered a valentines gift for my mother through because they were the only one that stated they could deliver it on that day... If they could not delivery on that day it should have specified like other companies and not just take your money!

The money was taken out of my acct and no flowers were delivered. This was very important to me because of my mom being sick and other things, besides the fact I wanted to show what she meant to me.
Teleflora ruined mine and my moms valentine... Because now 2 days later my mom is trying to help me find out why this was not delivered. Nice huh?

I have sent them 6 emails! And have called many many times only to get a recording or the phone just goes quiet after a minute. We are going on day 3 and have heard nothing at all... I am very upset... Very!

Feb 25, 2019

order sent on 2/8/19 was not received and was due to be delivered on 2/13/19 paypal is holding 109.98 for my wife valentines gift was to be delivered to patricia cady at 223 trinity road Dublin ga. 31021 this is second time you have done this to me

Nov 05, 2018

Ordered a live plant basket to be delivered on Monday following my best friends sisters death on Sunday. As of today, FRIDAY and after almost an hour on the phone and literally 15 emails back and forth with their customer service the delivery has yet to arrive.

I will NEVER use them again and would suggest you not either.

Feb 14, 2008

OMG I ordered valentines roses two days ago they never came i called telaflora and was told 7 times its on the way and then i get call 7 to tell me that yea sorry we didnt get the order to any florist in your area so you might not get the flowers and only offered a 50 percent refund i said no to that and am currently still on hold with them to have my order either refunded or filled and they are saying we dont know what your complaint is for just cause we garunteed a service then forgot to send your order to a shop to be fill and delivered, i spent 300.00 on roses for v-day and have nothing to show for it.

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