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I went to the Target to do some shopping today. I purchased, or intended to purchase over $200 worth of merchandise, only to have my Bank of America courtesy check denied by your agent. I went to BOA after leaving your store to see what was the matter. I was told my account had no issues. have had exemplary credit almost all my life. This was an embarrassment to myself being denied the purchase in front of the people behind me. The supervisor there offered no help just saying that’s what the computer says!

Well I higly doubt I will return to a Target store after this. I was a monthly shopper there. I would like to see what kind of response I get from you at this level. I was wrongly parked outside of tour target store on sunday waiting for my wife who was about to come out when an employee from that store who was recollecting shopping carts came to yell at me and wanted to start a fight with me because he wanted me to move. I moved my car and proceeded inside the store for a complaint when that same employee came inside and told me i was a “wuzz and didnt have the balls to fight him instead of telling on him”.

Why do you make it so hard to cash a “cash back check” that you send to my husband? No one has the right to ask for our social security numbers and yet that it what you require to cash a check. Why can’t we just use our driver’s license the way we do when we write a personal check? Also, why can’t my husband sign and then I sign and cash the check with my driver’s license ID? It seems that you purposely have made it difficult. This makes no sense when you are the one who sent the check to us. It has all the attributes of a scam.

The security employee who was at the door was hearing him as he told me this and wouldnt do anything. I told him that i was going to call the police as the employee kept on telling me the “lack of balls i had” for not confronting him, all of this happening while there was alot of people watching as you can imagine, the whole line of cashiers were just staring. After the security person sent this employee out the back the manager approached me, i told her i wanted to report the police because i felt threatened coming out but she (manager) told me she would take care of the situation.

She said there was cameras outside as well as inside the store and told me she would take care of the situation. I take responsability for my fault but there is no reason for one of your employees to insult, and threaten, pick a fight and try to embarass me in front of many people. If that employee would have been courtious in the first place none of this would have happened. I did not call the police because my wife convinced me not to, but i hope that this incident will not be taken for granted.

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      4th of May, 2012

    Use a debit card and learn to park and I think your issues will be resolved.

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