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Target Return Policy / target has lost another customer!

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I bought a camera and the matching printer a Christmas present for my daughter. My daughter opened the camera and was looking at the directions when she noticed that I had the wrong printer for that camera. The camera and the printer were both Kodak, but we had been sold the wrong model printer by the "not so helpful salesclerk" at Target. I took it back and tried to exchange it for the right printer which cost $20.00 more than the original printer. A Target Manager that looked about 16 year old informed me that I could not return the printer without the receipt, even though the printer had not been opened and even though I was buying a more expensive item. I explained to the manager that it was not my fault, that I had trusted the employee that works in the camera department. He said that Targe had a new policy and that anything that was over $100 could not be returned or exchanged. I called the 800 number, the day manager, and they all refused to help. Target did not care that I was going to be stuck with a printer that I could not use. I finally found a way around thier stupid policy. Target has lost another customer.

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  • Bi
      4th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    "A receipt dated within 90 days of purchase is needed for ALL returns and exchanges" I do not feel that this is a horrible return policy, Why should a store be responsible for fixing your mistake of loosing your receipt?

  • Na
      11th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    A kodak printer is universal, the camera itself will come with a plastic adapter for the camera, unless the camera was an older model where you need to contact kodak for a different adapter

  • Am
      23rd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    You guys, come on...either this is the very first time in your life you've ever had to do a return/exchange at a store (doubtful) or all of you have learned nothing from every other store. Almost everywhere requires a receipt. All of you come on here and complain, but why not learn for the information here and KEEP THE DARN RECEIPT! And stop complaining about a policy that is in place (or something similar) at nearly every store.

  • Le
      17th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    More and more people are ignorant of return/exchange policies at various stores. Many stores policies on electronics are similar: 14 days with original receipt and original packaging for full refund. Some charge a 15% restock fee (Best Buy) no matter what, while some (Office Depot) only charge it if something is missing from the box (UPC, cable, discs, etc).

    Blaming a Target Associate for selling the wrong item is, well, stupid. Unlike a company that specializes in the items you bought, Target is a department store like Wal-Mart where the associates do not get trained to sell the items, or to suggest the correct accessories. What knowledge they may have is limited to their own use, unless they are a tech geek who looks stuff up. Customers need to research on their own before they go fussing about "not getting the right accessory" at Target.

    Again, blaming a Target associate is ridiculous. It is like blaming a McDonald's employee because they don't "Flame Broil" their food like Burger King.

  • Me
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I hate the policy for this reason: we are having a baby, and have had a couple baby showers. We've gotten gifts we know came from Target, and we'd like to return them, but we feel ungrateful asking for a gift receipt.

  • Mj
      14th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Target IMHO is a poor retailer with terrible costumer service

    If you have an issue call the CEO
    fax: 612-696-6325

    Denise May

  • Ul
      20th of Apr, 2011
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    I got a jogging stroller for a baby shower and it is not the one I wanted so I went and bought a different one after target told me I could not exchange the one I got for another one. The stroller was 99.99 and they told me I would have to ask for a gift reciept a month later. I dont want to seem ungrateful either so now that I did muster up the odasity to ask for the gift reciept they hadnt kept it so now I am stuck with the stroller I dont want and I had to pay 300.00 for the one we wanted. I couldnt even get diapers. Target doesnt even work with you. Other stores like some on here say that are the same they are not. I did the same thing with a car seat at kohls and they totally exchanged it and gave me store credit to buy baby clothes. We already have a car seat. Every where else I shop will work with you!!!

  • Be
      1st of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I bought a PS4 game ($59.99) for my son at Christmas who then received one from his aunt.
    I went to return the game with my receipt in hand but the new policy 90 days was up and they would not accept the return-even with receipt!
    It was unopened and of course still in wrap. I asked for an in store exchange and they said NO!
    I am furious... the big and mighty Target won't even do an in house exchange. That;s called stealing!
    Who can I call?
    Unhappy in Minnesota

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