Target / I won't ever use target on line if this isn't fixed

United States

I tried for two days to order a ALIVE doll but after hours on the computer and being billed for FOUR orders and no way to delete and being told to give my Number which I didn’t remember I gave us and call Toys R Us and got my order without and problems disgusted with Target. I did pay $2 more because it wasn’t on sale. But it was worth it. Also, for some reason the Super Target in Savage, Minnesota has what looks like a homeless person with about a 12″ long skinny beard working in the produce department without a beard net or gloves. I observed this person on a recent visit, stroking the full length of his beard with his hands and then he proceeded to stock fresh produce on the shelves. YUK!!!

The store manager must think there’s nothing wrong with that. I will not buy any produce from any Target store after this incident. I have been trying for a half hour to simply order two oven mitts, and it won’t let me check out. You already have my registratrion and my credit card info, but every time I try to checkout it won’t even take me there. This is Christmas. I deserve better treatment than this. I won’t ever use target on line if this isn’t fixed.


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