Taco Bell / taco salad/box and the cinnimon cinobon bites

Lakewood, Washington ( Tillicum), United States

I think your company needs to rethink the box thing with your taco salads. I end up wasting about one half of the salad because it tastes like cardboard half way down. Maybe you can put a paper slip or foil down before you put the salad down. The employees also need to learn how to correctly deep fry the Cinnabons so you don't bite into Luke-warm grease/oil, When I spend money at a fast food place or even a walk in I expect to be allowed to eat all the product not just half. I spent $8.62 at the Tillicum store and felt like I was only able to eat half of what I paid for. I paid for salad and the cinnabons dessert and only got to eat half of both That is unfair.

May 5, 2017

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