Taco Bell / taco bell manager ashley larabee

The manager Ashley Laramee at the cedar city Taco Bell continues to verbally harass a lot of the employees. She threw a pan at one of the employees who now wants to quit after being there for a couple of years. She is disrespectful and has no business managing employees with her Anger issues. Even the GM has made comments that she has anger issues but she is working on them.
She is not working on anything but bullying the hourly help. We all want to go to work and do a good job without Ms Laramee throwing a fit every time any kind of issue arises and we go to her for guidance. Instead of trying to help us, it becomes a yelling match about how stupid we all are and she starts throwing things. Last of which was a cinnabon pan at one of the employees.
We employees are getting sick of her harassing us all on a daily basis, but need our jobs.
Could you please look into this and get something settled for us.
Thank you.

Aug 21, 2018

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