Taco Belldrive through person on break

L Nov 21, 2017

My wife and I went to the Taco Bell at 26 Mile Road and Romeo Plank in Macomb, MI
The cashiers Amber P. Rocked!! But . . .
As we were eating the drive through person went on break. Standing outside in front of the store she lights up, granted I'm a smoker but I would never stand in front of a store I'm working at smoking cigarettes talking in my cell and SPITTING all over the ground.
Needless to say we were completely grossed out. Didn't finish our meal. I told my wife I bet she won't wash her hand. SHE DIDN'T.
Had I seen her out there when we first drove up, we would have left.
But, because we were inside chatting and eating and saw the entire thing. We won't be back.

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