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Taco Bell / price gouging

1 United States

I live in a mid sized college town in Texas situated between Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos. This town has an average family income of about 18K per year, so it is not an economicly booming town at all.

Most of the people that live here are employed by the university. The one corporate Taco Bell Store in this town seems to think that it can charge about 10% more on menu items that in markets that are much much higher in the average income bracket. One goes to a taco bell with the expectations of spending less than 5 bucks for a meal. Not so at this one, any vegetable product that is an addition is .30 cents more per item even if the item already comes with that product. Extra cheese one would expect to pay for as that is common through out the industry, however .30 for a few more chunks of onion on a bean burrito is a little much. The menu prices as I stated are higher as well, and the portions that are given for these items are about 10% less than at other stores (this was done over several days buying items at this store numbered 019846 and a store in Buda and one that is at the Sam Marcos Outlet malls, the two nearest to this store and doing a weight comparison). Now this is a little flimsy at the moment, but more research will be done and a complaint to the city on price gouging will insue.


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