Taco Bell / 5.00 bib box meal

Newburgh, IN, United States

Taco Bell, Newburgh, In.(June 8 or 9th 2017)...stopped at this location at about 10:00p.m. on my way to work. Ordered 5.00 ultimate Meal Big Box. Got to work and found that there was no lettuce or tomatoes on my tacos, just meat!😡 I happened to be telling a co-worker about my experience tonight at work (06/12/2017) because i saw him eating one and he told me that he stopped on that same night and was told that they were out of lettuce and tomatoes so he opted not to buy. I was told nothing nor given any option just got to work and found out that I had not received what I paid for. Poor business practice. Not a happy customer.

Jun 12, 2017

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