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T-Mobile Phone Service / misleading phone plans

1 6982 DELMARSaint Louis, MO, United States Review updated:
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I have been a customer with T MOBIL since 2000, I have problem with the sales representative, not obeying my request for a one year plan. I verbally told the rep. I wanted a One Year Plan, and she signed to a two year plan. This Rep knew exactly what she was doing, keeping me focused on her people skills and not on what I requested. I added two phones on the family plan I specifically told the rep I not sure about responsibility my family would have with these phones, so I need a One year contract. I know these reps get a rate for each plan they sale, but when it comes to being hustled, as if I was buying a phone on the street by a T MOBIL REP, I am out shocked. A big company like T MOBIL have turned their companies representation over to the common sale rep, who is not thinking of the companies rep, but who they can trick to obtain their quota for the month. Shame on you T MOBIL and I WILL MAKE A SPECIAL EFFORT TO LET ALL WHO WILL LISTEN TO LOOK OUT FOR THOSE HUSTLER REP IN THE T MOBIL OFFICE.

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  • Jo
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    I am writing in regards to the terrible experience I had with T-Mobile’s customer service and their breach of the contract that we agreed to. I have been a good customer with T-mobile since 2001. I renewed my contract on December 21, 2007 after a sales representative coaxed me into a 2 year contract by saying that they would give us 4 phones, the “Samsung Beat” with our contract. She said that if anything was wrong with the phones in the first month, then they would send replacements without any questions. On December 27, 2007, we received the phones and found that one of the memory cards was not functional and the battery did not last long. We called on December 30, 2007, and the representative told us that she would send another phone to replace the old phone and that we would need to send the old phone back to them. We received one new replacement on Jan 2, 2008. The following day on January 3, 2008, we sent the old phone back by UPS.

    On January 9, 2008, I called T-mobile because my other family members were having trouble with their phones as well. The communication during phone calls was not clear and it was hard to hear the other person on the line, the calls would be dropped and the battery would last for one day and then fail. This was a common complaint among are family members who were using the new phone, the Samsung Beat.

    When I called T-mobile on January 9, 2008, a customer service representative answered the phone. I explained the situation to him and he said that I had to send the phone into the company and then they would have to fix it and send it back. I explained that the other representative had sent me a replacement and I had sent the old phone back to the company the next day. Also, in the first 30 days, the phone is supposed to be replaced with a new one, not repaired. He refused to listen to me and was very rude as he told me the only way to remedy the situation was to repair the phone. He put me on hold for 30 min and would come back no information and he made me switch phones so he could do useless testing on the phone. There was also loud laughter and noise in the background and it was evident that the people in the office were not doing their jobs.

    I asked to speak with his supervisor who came on the phone after another 30 minutes. He refused to give me his name and his ID number because the conversation was being recorded and he said his information was in the account summary. This made me doubt that he was the supervisor. He was ruder than the previous salesperson and said that I needed to send back the phone and there were no other options. Then he proceeded to hang up on me.

    I could not believe the poor customer service that T-mobile gives its customers once they have signed a 2 year contract. They treat their customers with disrespect knowing that they have their business for 2 years. The incompetence of the customer service representatives was also appalling as they would put me on hold for long periods of time and return with no answer. The lack of professionalism was even evident at the manager level as the manager refused to give his name and as he hung up on a customer. I have never experienced such rude and unprofessional business practices. As a customer, I could not believe that T-mobile would have the audacity to behave this way considering that there are so many cell phone companies that I could switch my service to.
    They also did not honor the contract with the phones. The original sales representative told me that they would replace the phone immediately within the first month if it was not working properly. However, the representatives last night said that I had to send the phone back to them so they could repair it. This is the most absurd proposition I have heard from a cell phone company who knows that customers rely on cell phones heavily. Therefore, to give up a phone while a designated time of repair is not given may mean that it could take weeks before a phone is returned. Also, it would allow the company to refuse any replacements by sending the phone after 30 days allowing them to deny any responsibility thereafter. It is evident that all of our family members have had complaints with this phone and therefore it is not a single phone problem. Does T-mobile realistically believe that we should give up all of our phones while they continue to charge us for service fees?

    They failed to uphold the agreement in the contract of replacing the phones within the first month for defects. They also provided terrible customer service which was appalling. Their unprofessional conduct should not go without repercussions and they should be reprimanded for their unethical business practices.

  • Li
      19th of Jul, 2009
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  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2011
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    T - Mobile Phone Service - Sneaky charges and misleading information
    United States

    Only a few months back, in our second year of service agreement, we found on our bills some sneaky charges on phone equipment warranty even though we never ordered the warranty. I had to call to complain before they removed the charges.

    A few months after we signed our service contract, the agent told us that we could switch from the Five Faves option to an any-time minute option and save, but she didn't tell us that there would be a service charge of some $70 for the switch!

    More recently, we ordered a web-access service for one of our three family lines. The agent offered to give us one month of free web access service for the other two lines. We thought this offer was only for one month of service, and was free. So we accepted it. Little did we know that it was actually a long-term service, just free for the first month. We were conned into believing that it was for only one month. We wound up being charged for two months of service for two lines for something we didn't even know we had. Consumers Report rated T-Mobile service as high, but my experience has been that it is definitely the worst of all. They give you sneaky, incomplete information to trap you and hit you with unexpected charges.

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