T-Mobile / caller id not registering my name when I call out

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My boss opened an account for me back in '07, the phone was in his name "Seth Brooks" & he paid for the service. I recently put the T-Mobile phone in my name & address, as my boss wanted to cancel the service. I called T-Mobile November 7, 2008 and made this change & TMobile assured me they would also make sure the caller Id will register in my name, they did explain it would take up to 72 hours for the caller ID to register my name "Lisa Lucero". I checked Tues 11/18/2008 by dialing my home phone # & the caller ID was still registering "Seth Brooks" (my boss)..I then called T-Mobile back & they said they would make sure it would be fixed, and it would be another 72 hours for this to get fixed...I called TMobile again a few days later & let them know the caller Id is still registering "Seth Brooks" name & they verified all my info again & stated they have done all they can on there end & it isn't there problem that I need to call all my friends & family & ask who their phone providers are, and the suggest I call Comcast, Qwest, Vonage let them know they have my name registering wrong ...I then became upset & asked for a supervisor, which at that point, they put Duane rep ID#0653238 on the line with me, & he stated that TMobile has ehausted all their efforts in this matter. I feel that I have been unfairly mistreated here & demand that T-Mobile fixes this problem.

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      Jun 24, 2009

    I agree ... have been battling this same scenario since I signed onto the TMobile At Home service ... either Qwest or TMobile failed to port my longstanding Qwest phone # over to Tmobile and I was "stuck" with the new number given to me by TMobile.

    This new number carries the name of the person who originally had this phone #. Despite 5 calls to TMobile, I am told virtually the same thing as Ms. Lucero.

    It is very frustrating. It is just wrong. What to do? Short of cancelling my service (which I have had for 5 years on the cell phone side) there seems to be NOTHING.

    Guess I'll change my name? LOL!

    Colorado Springs, CO

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