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T-Mobile / liars

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I purchased a T-mobile plan in my name for my daughter, who at the time was under age and unable to enter into a legal contract.

Since my daughter was underage, of course, she would have no credit. But the sales person ASSURRED me OVER AND OVER that when she is 18 the account can be transferred into her name. No problem, we do it all the time he says.

Well, it isn't that way. After being passed along through customer service ***, I get an apology for the situation and the information that my daughter can open a new account and prepay for one month, like a deposit, and be on a monthly billing cycle, but I would still have the existing account open.

So they would rather have two accounts outstanding that could default rather that switch the existing account into her name. I even offered to pay the one month "deposit" cost so she could have the account that is already existing.

Well, it was a no-go, like talking sense into a brick wall. My only option was to pay a cancellation fee to close the account and have my daughter open another account. What a crock!

When this contract is up - there will NEVER be another with T-mobile. (Although I was impressed in the beginning and even thought of starting a new plan with them when Verizon plan ended.)

NO T-mobile for this family - EVER! I will continue to tell my story on every forum and to every one possible. I will bad mouth this company until I can no longer communicate.

The LIES and crappy service and twisted business practices can be blown up someone else’s skirt.

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  • Ka
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    I have had nothing but problems ever since I signed on with T-Mobile. The customer service people don't seem to have a clue what they are talking about, whether it's through dialing their help line, going online for help, (Forget that, they have never even bothered acknowledging my emails, let alone fixing anything!) or going into their stores, where they are all preoccupied, unorganized, and cranky because they don't want to take the time to help out customers.
    My latest complaint is their photo album, which I cannot access. I have attempted to communciate with them on more than one occasion, and once they said that everyone was complaining about not being able to access their album, but now, nearly 2 months later, I STILL cannot access my photo album. (Thank goodness I don't have any "private" photos I wouldn't want anyone to see, otherwise I'd be paranoid to boot. I am just fed up with T-Mobile and their cold attitudes, and lack of willingness to help me. I am paying for their services, and they are not providing it. My fiance is the primary account holder, and even when I tried to get my phone number's area code changed, they refused to help me because I wasn't the account holder. I had all the necessary information, including the last 4 digits of his social security number, yet they still refused, and they were quite abrupt with me.
    The only reason we haven't cancelled our service is because it would be a $300 cancellation fee to do it, and we only have a few months left of our plan.
    One more thing, when my fiance signed on, the sales girl there told him we were getting the latest, state of the art phones, with my fave fives. We got neither, and are paying more than we thought we would be. The "state of the art" new phones actually turned out to be older phones that are now discontinued. So on top of everything else, T Mobile are liars. Before I had T-Mobile, I had a pay as you go phone through Virgin Mobile, and never dealt with this much aggravation. I think I will go back to them as soon as this plan is finished. I can't wait.

  • Vi
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    T-Mobile are a bunch of crooks. Never walk into the branch at 110 Oxford Street London, W1. It is run by a bunch of thugs from the same ethnic group, who discuss in their own language and flog people lousy contracts. If you then return the Deputy Manager (Harms) will through you out of the store for complaining in an aggressive manner. They are a bunch of criminals.

  • Ne
      16th of Jul, 2012
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    I walk into t-mobile asking for their $7 sim card and activation. The guy says, no it's $15. I walk out, and my boyfriend walks in asks for the same product with a print-out of the price, the same guy tells him, no it's not $7, it $10. I wonder how the price fell by 30 percent in 20 minutes. Maybe because they lied. To my face. Shamelessly.

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