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T-Mobile / unauthorized charges!

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I have been with t-mobile for over 3 yrs, and recently got a huge bill from them. After speaking to a supervisor at customer care I was told that there had been overdue balances carried over since the first month of service. Than was told a few other stories, and eventually told that they can only look at 60 days. But I should pay it and keep track from this point on. I never accrued any extra charges, nor did I have a balance that was carried over for 3yrs. I think they are trying defraud the consumer. Every extra dollar on your bill that you pay without noticing equals to a million dollar of fraud charges. Just be careful, as you can't trust this company... They lost my vote after 3yrs and I am looking for another carrier...

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  • Ma
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    I have [3] calls on my phone bill that i did not make. I called T-MOBILE and told them of the calls i did not make.they told me that my phone was used to make the calls. I told them i do not make calls to sunnydale, ca. or hilo,hi. The rep told me there is nothing that they can do about stand there were more charges to the same places on my next bill.

    This was not know to me when i signed for this service with them. Anyway for me to get out of contract?

    Please advise smb!

  • Wh
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    You aren't being charged for the individual calls unless you are on a pay per minute plan or these calls are causing you overage. Since they are not causing you overage I wouldn't be too concerned with them. It's possible a friend recently moved and you didn't realize that when you made the call it would register as being in that city. Maybe you had called a company, or perhaps even lent your phone to somebody to use. Any way that you look at it, it doesn't really make a difference. You aren't using all the minutes provided by your plan. T-mobile will not refund for minutes NOT used, and you aren't paying overage as stated above and you aren't being charged LD. Who cares? Reps have much better things to deal with on the phones than an issue that doesn't affect any of the parties involved.

  • Ch
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    P.O. Box 3815
    Apple Valley, CA 92307


    T-mobile/ Legal Department
    12920 S.E.
    Bellevue, WA 98006

    To whom it may concern:

    Mobile Number 760-265-2614

    I am a T-Mobile customer and I am writing you this letter in regards to my T-Mobile bill because reviewing my bill I have come to the conclusion that T-Mobile cell phone service is a scam.
    First of all, I have recorded conversations with T-Mobile's cellar phone service representatives regarding the misunderstanding of my T-Mobile bill, and they been unsuccessful in clarifying the (July-September 2007) charges. My current plan with T-Mobile is 5000 minutes whenever and free nights and weekends, but I was told my weekends began on Thursday or Friday after 9:00 pm. I was informed that my free weekend would start after 9:00 pm Thursday, and for the past month of October-January my
    T-Mobile bill is over $3,900.00 a month, which does not make any sense. In the past 3months I have paid T-Mobile over $3,500.00 and there is no explanation for the charges and last year around in August and September, I had the same issues with T-Mobile and the issue was never resolve. However, T-Mobile offered me a free month, which did not define the real problem and T-mobile being a Million dollar company and being a value able customer for several years T-Mobile has never offered me any incentives.
    However, on 01/08/08 @ 10:40 am, T-mobile representative terminated my serivces and I was not able to talk to a Tmobile Representive from my phone, but I was only allowed to make a payment. However, I was able to talk to a reprensentive using another phone. Tomobile has mark my noted my account to their employees not to speak with me because of my issues with their services.

    T-mobile said I had over 3000 minutes including text messages. Therefore, how is it possible to use 3000 min in 25 days? T-Mobile has no explanation for this or any of the other misunderstandings on my T-Mobile bill, but they continue to say I was misinformed, which is not true.
    Therefore, I believe T-Mobile is scamming a lot of their customers and I have had this issue before with T-mobile, I have documented my calls and the time of using my cellular phone and there were numbers that I call on my bill, but at the time of the call I did not make the calls that were initiated on my T-Mobile bill. If I had made many of the calls the question is when do I sleep or work.
    How is this possible and the only answer T-Mobile can give is read your bill, which is logical, but the charges on the bill do not make sense. This is my 26th letter in an addition with other complaint letters I have written in the past and T-Mobile has not taken the time to resolve this issue by utilizing the 5th amendment, therefore I will make it my duty to practice the 1st amendment and hire an Attorney to analyze my bill because if I can pay for a $3,900.00 phone bill, I should be able to hire an Attorney to justify the injustice of consumers being taken advantage of T-Mobile customers.
    T-mobile has never offered me ANYTHING
    I will file legal action (Class Action) against T-Mobile, but this time I will not allow this to continue and not receive the proper feedback. T-Mobile is a FRAUD, SCAM FRAUD, SCAM, FRAUD, SCAM, FRAUD! Therefore, I will forward this letter to the US Attorney General, FCC, BBB, ACLU, Utilities Commission, and I hope this matter will be investigated thoroughly.


    Chayo Briggs

  • Je
      29th of Oct, 2008
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  • Bk
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    You know I just got off the phone right now with T-mobile and they're doing the SAME EXACT THING to me.

    I keep track of billing and minutes usage.

    The customer service rep is a pain in the ### and I am very frustrated with the way the service has been.

    I did watch the news recently however and they warned about the scam going around with phone companies.

    I would definitely add my name to the list for a class action lawsuit if anyone here is going to get one going!

    This way we all can get compensated for their lack of respect and poor customer service!

    They also said I was being undercharged for minutes that were supposedly used when in reality I use LESS minutes than I have on my plan. I did tell them I went over my minutes for september because my mother was in the hospital.

    I pretty much had to make a stand and shut them up by telling the rep that I too was a customer service agent and a PC Technician working in the field for 3 years and I GUARANTEE that this was an error on their own system with the minutes that came out of no where.

  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    Jenny, I am delighted to hear other customers problems with T-mobile because someone needs to take action against T-MOBILE and other wireless companies due to over charging their customers.

  • Re
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    umm- well im not sure where this post goes... since its such an insane- I MEAN INSANE problem that i am having to deal with... sooo- how do i start??!

    let me start from the beginning-

    ive had a nokia (T-MOBILE) for about 2 years... it started calling itself- IM NOT KIDDING! starting about 3 months ago... this issue IS NOT funny- this problem is waisting my minutes!

    not only does the phone call itself- but within the last 2 weeks it has been calling numbers that arent even possible- sometimes 15 digit numbers... THATS IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT?! well i guess NOT- cuz thats what happening to me...

    ive talked to a few T-MOBILE people about this and they think i am flat-out lying! has anyone had this problem?? this is horrible!

    everytime the phone calls a number (EVEN WHEN ITS TURNED OFF!) runs down my (pre-pai) minutes!

    i do not understand what is happening... why doesnt anyone know whats going on??

    T-MOBILE can let me get a new phone for free? or find a way to fix my "baby" for free?

    i am very upset and i dont know how to find a way to fix this problem!

    i wish T-MOBILE would burn themselves down so that none of us have to deal with their crap anymore!

    this phone company is going to make me cry- im so upset at them... and they are very rude when i asked them about some other problems on my other phones too (all from T-MOBILE!)


  • Me
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    T - Mobile - Unauthorized charges
    United States

    I have been a loyal customer of T-mobile for 5 yrs +, and payed my bill on time always. I recently changed my coverage to Sprint for better coverage, & discount through employer. I verified that I was not breaking my contract with T-mobile and advised I was fine. I payed off my account thought things we're closed with T-mobile, but still getting phone calls that my account is past due, and then a letter needing $265.00 more dollars. I called billing & customers service today, and was advised that since I kept my old phone number to carry to my new company that I'm being dinged for this outrageous fee. Not one person ever told me about such a charge, and I feel this should have been advised and informed to the customer. I really feel raped with these charges & the fact that I always payed my bill and on time, tried to avoid any issues.

  • Jo
      4th of May, 2009
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    This T-mobil should be called T-rob because they just want to rip you because you are bound by the term! A friend of mine to let his 10 year old kid to have a phone in case of emergency contact. Unfortunately, the kid was fanscinated by the games that T-rob provided and he down loaded a lot of games then ofcourse the parents won't get aware until it was a month late. When he reviewed the bill he was astonished that they charge so much on the games! When the parent asked if these belong to unautherized usage, they said yes. But when you ask for refund, they said either No or if you pay extra money with 2 more years services but no more money back. They are so greeedy and scared us too because I have used T-mobil for 2 years, maybe it is time to change.__John

  • Ma
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    I have been a t-mobile customers for over 10 years. I always paid my bills and tried to stay within my minutes. Because it is a family plan, I never paid more than $120.00. My sister went to Haiti for two months. When she came back after the earthquake, we received a bill for over $1300 with calls being made to Haiti in February 2010. When we called t-mobile to resolve the issues that we do not call Haiti and made calls to these numbers, they accused us that the calls were coming from our phone. When we asked to talk to higher manager so this could be investigated further, the investigator indicated that she was the highest in charge and there was nothing she can do about this. I truly believed someone hacked into our lines or t-mobile data. T-mobile is doing nothing to help with this issue. I just think it is ridiculous, unfair, and poor customer service for not taking the time to look into this further. Especially for someone who's been a customer over 10 years.

  • Tr
      19th of May, 2010
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    This is the biggest cell phone scam. I was with T-mobile for over two years and my normal monthly bill was no more than $45.00. Suddenly, without warning I get a T-mobile bill for over $400.00 and a note on an email from them that they have decided to charge me for every incoming call, outgoing call, checking voicemail, etc., etc. Suspiciously I was receiving a lot of incoming calls I did not recognize and had to check my voicemail to see if there were any messages. They have now passed it over to a collection agency who send prerecorded messages several times daily to my residential phone and now have sent a threatening message to use every means possible to collect (whatever that menas). In addition, T-Mobile has lousy coverage. When I initially took T-mobile service I ordered coverage from coast to coast as I was travelling in my Rv. Throughout the whole of Missouri I could not get any signals. Phoned T-Mobile, they tried and also not successful in linking me to any signals.
    Be wary of a cell phone company that without warning sends you a huge bill as they have made a decision to charge you for anything and everything you were not previously notified of. Absolutely unethical and disgusting cell phone company

  • Ho
      25th of Jan, 2012
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    I have been a customer of T-Mobile for over 7 years. Approximately 5 months ago I started getting overcharges on my phone for Internet service that I never signed up for. I called T-Mobile and informed them that I never signed up for Internet service and after arguing for an hour- they agreed to reimburse me the additional charges and block Internet service for all four lines on the account. Since then- on all my invoices following my complaint- I still receive extra charges for "Internet" service and every month I call to complain. Two months ago I spoke to a rep and he acknowledged that they have been overcharging their customers and that we they are working 24/7 to credit all their customers the overcharges. This month- after receiving another over inflated bill I called again, They agreed to credit my $69.65 for last month's overcharge- but apologized that they cannot credit me the previous overcharges because it is too late. I expressed my rage over this statement and informed them that I would be cancelling my service in March after my contract is done. At that point they had the audacity to offer me a free month of service for all the inconvenience- but also informed me that by accepting this apologetic gift- my contract would be extended for 2 years!!! How insulting is that - I guess they thought that they were dealing with an idiot!! At that point I declined the offer and informed them that I would file a formal complaint against T-Mobile and I would definitely drop them as soon as my contract was up. It's a shame that a big company as T-Mobile would treat their loyal customers in that way.

  • Ma
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    T- mobile is the biggest company scam. I was with T- mobile for almost six years two month ago I called them shopping for good international rate calling plan to call overseas the person that i talked to offered me A $20 unlimited international calling plan for land line only he said after I received my bill there was a charge .44cents each minute for land line than when I called them questioning the charge they told me you don't pay we going to put this on your credit so I had to cancel my service with this offal bad scam company.

  • Ba
      28th of Nov, 2015
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    I have never been a T-Mobile customer. In August, 2015, I noticed that T-Mobile US Inc had used my unauthorized credit card number to receive payment for a tablet with one-year service which I never ordered. I called T-Mobile several times, finally talking to a rep from Loss Prevention in Columbus, Ohio. She was able to pull the account payment up and view. She stated the phone conversation was being recorded and blamed Groupon. She agreed to refund the credit card payment plus $200.00 for inconvenience in additional to removing all references to my credit card information in its data base. I called this T-Mobile rep back at the number she provided which was a store in Columbus, Ohio. No one ever heard of her. I have filed suit in JP-Civil Small Claims Court and sent them Interrogatories and Order for Production. A T-Mobile paralegal called me and was very rude. I sent her a copy of my bank statement showing the T-Mobile charged payment and told her to have the attorney call me back. She was told to personally never call my office again. She called again when I was out-of-town. A CLASS ACTION SUITE NEEDS TO BE FILED AGAINST T-Mobile. I fully expect to have to file a motion to COMPEL discovery with the Court. I will let the JURY decide.

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