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T-Mobile / scam and cheating!

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Phone: 425-378-4000

It all began on 09/15/2007, I called T-Mobile to inform them my fairly new cell phone was not working. I was told that I had to take it in to the store to check for water damage, etc. and to see if it was replaceable under warranty.

On 09/26/2007, I went into the T-Mobile store and the representative there by the name of Herby helped me and checked the phone and stated it was defective. He then contacted T-Mobile and was told that I would be receiving a refurbished phone with return label to send back original.

10/1/2007 (Approximate) I received my refurbished phone in the mail. Guess what? My replacement phone for my original defective phone was also defective. I was so upset that I did not want to deal with T-Mobile at that time.

10/15/2007 Called customer service to inform them that the replacement phone they had sent was also defective. Was informed that I had to take the phone back to T-Mobile store to check for water damage, etc. I then informed them that I did not have time waste and continue to go to the T-Mobile store for their mistake. Mistake of not making sure the replacement actually worked. I told them that I would have to see when I would be available to go back into the store. I was told that it was fine and had time.

10/31/2007 Went in to T-Mobile store to check phone again for defectiveness. At that time I was really upset since I paid full price for the phone $450.00 with taxes, and was getting a refurbished phone. This did not make sense! I was offered a new cell phone but the replacement cell phone is actually cheaper than my phone and did not have the capabilities my MDA does. After much dispute with the T-Mobile clerk she contacted technical support. I spoke to a supervisor who was very rude and did not help at all. He stated all that he could do was replace the replacement. I would then be on my third MDA. Supervisor told me in front of T-Mobile clerk over the phone that he would send out replacement and once I received it to return the original phone, and the first replacement.

11/15/2007 Contacted T-Mobile that I had not received replacement and was waiting to receive the phone to return the original and second replacement. Was then informed that it would be sent out as soon as possible that there was a back order on the phone and did not have refurbished ones in stock. How can you not have inventory on a phone you have sold. I hung up.

12/21/2007 Called T-Mobile again and was told that a replacement was never sent because I did not send in my original phone. I did not send it in because I was told to send back the orginal and the first replacement when I received the new replacement. I couldn't believe all the chaos. At that time I told the representative that I would be sending it in that day and she said it was fine. Never once did she say it was too late to send phone back and receive a credit for the restocking fee. Was told that I would receive credit on of before 12/30/2007.

12/24/2007 Tracked the phone they received it on 12/24/2007 and called in the same day. I was told that it was still in the process.

12/31/2007 Called T-Mobile and was told that I would not be getting the restocking fee back and that I would have to pay $505.36, may I mention the phone cost was $399.99 plus tax approximately $450.00. So how can they charge $505.36 for a phone that was never that much to begin with.

First, he stated that I was being charged the restocking fee because my phone had water damage. I then stated, 'how can it have water damage when a T-Mobile representative at the T-Mobile store checked the phone for water damage and stated that it was just defective there was no water damage and she called it in to get the new replacement.' He then sounded confused and changed his story.

Then he stated that I had passed that return time frame and would have to pay this restocking fee. I explained all the issues I had and was told by the representative that there was no one, I mean no one, at this time, that could reverse the charges. I then told them how could they charge $505.36 and keep the phone. The guy did not know what he was talking about. He stated, 'you have a refurbished phone that we sent to you that is why you're paying the restocking fee.' I then stated, 'no I'm paying the restocking fee because you're showing I did not send back the original phone which is a lie because I did and I have a tracking number from UPS to prove that someone there signed for it. The restock fee is a charge that is placed on the account if you do not return the original phone that was replaced by the refurbished phone that you sent. It's basically charging you for the replacement.' He argued for a while and I then asked to speak to supervisor.

The supervisor understood what I was saying but he then stated that there isn't a way to get the phone back. Once they receive that phone it's hard to get it back. How in the heck can you profit twice from me. 1. You have my original phone which works better that the refurbished phone they sent. 2. I have now paid for the restocking fee for the phone I sent back. I then asked to cancel my services but you know what happens then. They threaten you with the cancellation fee of $200.00.

I'm not going to give up though, I've paid this restock fee which really hurts your pocket when you have an $750.00 cell phone bill and $505.36 really isn't yours.

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  • Ma
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    did you have this resolved? and may i ask how? i'am currently in the same situation as you and I've been calling and calling t-mobile and been arguing with them.

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