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T-Mobile / unauthorized plan changes

1 Asheville, NC, United States Review updated:

A couple of months ago T-Mobile decided to change my plan without notification. Apparently the contract I had with them only had to be honored by me. I have a teenage daughter who is also on the plan. I received a bill for over $1000.00. I was in shock. I called the infamous 611 (customer service). This was the first of many long, exhaustings calls to T-Mobile. I asked "What happened to my unlimited texting and internet use?" Someone in customer service assured me it would all be corrected. My phone was disconnected. The next phone call to T-Mobile resulted in over $1000.00 of corrections in my favor with an apology. I was also assured that the plan would be corrected. They were sorry for their error which caused the disconnection. Now unfortunately, I am told that my original plan was cancelled because of disconnection. I must now pay 60% more because of T-Mobiles error which resulted in disconnection after they were supposed to fix their error. I am still battling with them and have been awaiting a return phone call for over a week. If I must adhere to my end of T-Mobile's contract------Why can they change it ----mess it up -----then tell me I must pay more for it to be fixed? I remind you that this was T-Mobile's error.

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  • Dy
      16th of May, 2009
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    I'm sorry to hear about your problems with T-Mobile and sketchy bills. To that point, I thought I'd mention that there are ways to use the internet to soften the monthly blow of the cell bill that you might want to check out if you haven't already. One blog called constantly tracks new ways to cut wireless costs and exposes shady billing practices utilized by the cell phone companies. Also, take a look at the consumer advocacy website where I (admittedly) work,, that slashes the average cell bill by 22 percent. Through the site, which is powered by a company called Validas, we have currently audited over 26, 000 cell lines and have saved consumers over $5 million off their wireless bills. You can see Validas in the national news media, most recently on Good Morning America at

    Good luck on cutting your wireless expenses in the recession.


  • De
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    I know t mobile has robbed me of minutes for a year. I have to look at my phone minutes before placing a call then after and finding minutes used 3x 5x 8x more than what I used. I have repeatly called spending an hour at each tie calling, no one speaks english, they have filed 16 help tickets to find out why minutes are depleting. a YEAR OF THIS. withthem telling me no there not. after proving to them yes they are and giving them exact time they robbed me of minutes is when they said OH I see it is. now they are adding a missing payment to my bill. and my bill is 311.00 on a prepaid PHONE. WHAT. if you don't pay your bill every month NO PHONE SERVICE. I am done...WATCH YOUR MINUTES...

  • Je
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    these people are crooks/they get people started with phones they know are going to go bad way before the 2-year contract is over and leave people with no other option to continue their service except to by another crappy phone.If you go to their stores even their managers will tell you the phones were bad and then push you to buy another one.They knew the phones were going bad and did not notify their customers to let them know or try to do something to help their customers and purposely ripped us all off for their own profit.How they get away with this is amazing.There is no help from BBB or any consumer advocate people.This should be illegal, but yet nothing has been done to stop this.IT IS STEALING, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.Then when people get so fed up with it that they quit paying to get ripped off, they turn them over to crooks like ERS for collection.And people wonder whats wrong with our country, this is a perfect example.

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