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T-Mobile / cell phone in iraq

1 AR, United States Review updated:

Letter to Sue Nokes, CCOO of T-Mobile

I added a second line to my account with T-Mobile so that a very close friend of mine could call home whenever he wanted to without having to stand in line at the MVC on base in Talil, Iraq. When he received the phone in the mail from me he immediately tried to call me and couldn't get through. He tried on several occasions to call, but was always cut off by the Iraqi carrier that would route him to the T-Mobile Messaging center in the U.S.

Nevertheless, after one month or less of trying to use the phone, sent it back to me. I called T-Mobile to give the phone back and let them know that the service they said we'd receive was never received and that I wanted to turn the phone off. I was quickly told that my phone bill for that phone was $333.17 (I believe that's the exact penny amount) and that bill needed to be reconciled. I was stunned to learn that there were actual charges for usage of the phone and had to investigate. Come to find out those charges were for every dropped call ( less than 3 seconds of a call trying to go through ) that my friends made. Those calls were charged and no one ever even had a conversation. Those were all calls that were routed to the T-Mobile Messaging Center and chalked up as conversations = minutes used where calls go through. Not the case.

After finally getting several of those calls taken off the bill ( over a 4 week period of time, where I spoke to 4 T-Mobile customer reps) I asked them to turn the phone off and we'll call it a failed attempt to communicate via cell from Iraq to the U.S. I was again quickly reminded that I would have to pay $200 to have that wish granted.

All the while this ordeal is going on over the Iraq phone, T-Mobile preceded to turn off my cell phone( which was paid up in full and had all my minutes available to me ). This is the cell phone on my business cards and the only number that my consultants use to reach me during the day. I was without a phone for them for 2 weeks. Not to mention it's my HOME phone too.

I paid the phone bill for the second line off once they lowered the cost for bogus calls and my cell was then turned back on. Yet, there is the lingering $200 left that needs to be paid so that the additional phone line is cut off. I'm sorry, but this is where I draw the line with this entire situation. Since I have not paid the $200 to turn off the Iraq phone ( and my cell phone is again paid for in full and the minutes unused ) again, my cell phone is shut off. This is the 2nd week I've been without my phone. Again, I have over 45 consultants that work for me as IT Developers, Network Admins, etc and have zero way for them to reach me when I'm in the field.

All of this wrapped up, means this to me:

I purchased a phone for a U.S. Soldier who has been at war in Iraq now for 2 years. I've been a T-Mobile customer since T-Mobile bought VoiceStream, where I was grandfathered in and had the choice to leave, but decided to stay with T-Mobile. I've been a loyal customer to T-Mobile that long and for that over a phone line that never worked I being treated as though you don't give one care in the world whether or not I'm your customer and have been for many many years. Stunned. I live in Little Rock, Ar and the CEO of Alltel is a close family friend. I've had the opportunity to go with them for years now and still stayed with T-Mobile.

Because I'm sickly disturbed by T-Mobile's absurd customer service practices I decided to turn this over today to Arkansas Congressman Vic Snyder, a veteran congressman and U.S. Army Veteran and as well, a family friend that is really surprised that a cell phone carrier would behave this way over a phone for a U.S. Soldier that never worked. He has copies of the bills that dictate the phone lines, charges, payments, etc and a 5 page statement from me and the U.S. Soldier in Iraq with regard to the situation I just told you about.

Before whomever he decides to speak with out this, I thought I might Google the Customer Service Manager for T-Mobile and see what comes up and try to communicate with them. I learned that you must be the highest ranking manager, so I've sent this request to you.

I'm asking that my cell phone is turned back on and the $200 charge waived. I'm seriously confused on why this is such a tall task. Is this a case yourself can take care of?

Thank you,

Brandy J . H.

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      17th of Nov, 2007
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    t-mobile cellular - inconsistent
    United States

    i recently rec'd my current cell phone bill which was extremely high because i hav a pre-teen who abused our shared minutes last month. i'm aware of this bill and do not dispute anything on it. however, my sevice was interrupted a few weeks b4 my due date. there is no spending limit and no previous balance. but i was shut off "due to UNUSUAL HIGH ACTIVITY"!!!!! THEY OFFERED ME A BIGGER PLAN (WHICH I DECLINED) but they wanted me to pay before my due date or my service would be interrupted. i was fully aware of my UNUSUSL HIGH ACTIVITY and was ready to submit my payment when it was due but instead they, supervisor and everyone refused to cut back on my service. if there is no spending limit on my contract, why would you cut my sevice off if i am fully aware of my bill?! t-mobile is not an honest cellular service and i will change my sevice ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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