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T-Mobile And Mobile Solutions / promotional misinformation

1 12920 SE 38th St.Bellevue, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 425 378-4000

Nov.17, 2006 while Christmas shopping at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA, we passed a Mobile Solutions kiosk. The young men inside asked if we were T-Mobile customers. We were. They indicated that the company had a great deal on upgrades which provided two airline tickets free with the upgrade. Since we were planning a trip to Florida, we were interested. We increased our one cell phone service of one (7 years old and huge phone) to three new phones and the myfave service. Before the young man began the paperwork, we noticed that the brochure said the program was good from Nov 23-25. We stopped the salesman, who claimed to be the district manager of Mobile Solutions. He said that the brochure was in error and that the company had decided to run the program for the month of Nov. OUR MISTAKE #1 we did not have him put that statement in writing. We offered to return the next week and make the purchase then just to be sure that we qualified for the tickets. NO NEED he reiterated. We purchased. He gave us the paperwork to file for the tickets. We filed. Two weeks later we got a letter from T-Mobile indicating that they had received the airfare information and that all was in order. Three weeks later we received a phone call from a T-Mobile customer service representative who informed us that since we did not purchase the service during the three day window we did not qualify for the tickets. Silly me, I thought if I explained the situation they would understand. After listening politely the rep said she would give me one free months service just to make up for my obvious lack of reading ability (my words not hers). I thanked her politely but said that I wanted what had been promised and I requested a customer service address which she supplied. Mr Samuel Platt responded to my first letter by thanking me for choosing T-Mobile, but there was nothing he could do since I admitted that I had read the brochure with its printed dates. My letter explained the verbal promises. He ignored that in his reply. My letter indicated that since I had not altered my service in 7 years, and suddenly did a sizable update on Nov.17, he might like to conclude that our action was based upon the expectation of two airline tickets. He ignored that part of my letter also. He did indicate that as to my request that at the very least the company cancel my 2 year contract and allow me to consider other options, he agreed that I was entitled to such a consideration just as soon as I paid the $600.00 cancellation fee. My second letter to Mr Platte explained that he totally missed the point of my first letter which was that as long standing customers we were giving T-Mobile a chance to do the Right Thing. We never heard back. When we consulted an attorney she advised contacting the WA state attorney general. We filed a complaint and received an e-mail from a young man that the complaint had been turned over to him. We waited. One month later we received another e-mail from him. Since the company had not returned his calls to the working cell phone number we gave him nor to the letter he sent to the address at the Alderwood Mall, there was nothing he could do, and the case was being closed. I hope people with really serious problems do not have to rely upon the AG's office receiving voluntary contacts before they take any action. We are writing a letter to the corporate office in Bellevue WA to complain that today the company sent us in the mail a letter stating that since we are in the top 5% of their customers based upon years of service and payment of bills they would like to offer us one free airline ticket to a US city after we purchase a ticket. Our letter to Mr. Robert Dotson, or current executive officer, explains that on Nov 17, 2009 our two year contract expires and that we will take the $30, 000 we expect to pay for cell phone service over the next 20 to 25 years to Verizon. We view their promotion as salt into what to us is still a fresh wound, and proof that the company has no idea what it is doing. Possibly a little less spent on advertising television ads done by very pricy actresses might give them a little money to respond to customer service.

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