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Symantec / Norton Internet Security 2008 / product does not install properly

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This is what I wrote in response to their "customer satisfaction" survey:

Oh yeah, I can tell you what DIDN'T work for me...

I purchased Norton Internet Security 2008 from you on June 18th. My order number is *************. When I click the "download your product" button, the product downloads and then installs the previous trial version I had on my computer. I have completed this process about seven times so far. It downloads, installs, and then "Your trial period has expired" is displayed on the old Norton program interface. And I cannot find any evidence of the new 2008 Norton Security program anywhere on my computer.

I have uninstalled the old trial version a hundred times, but as soon as the new 2008 version is finished installing, the only program available is the old, expired one! I have tried every avenue of troubleshooting. Your "help & support" link advised me to download Symantec Licensing Troubleshooter, which I did, and double-click on the SymLMTS file, which I did, and then follow the on-screen instructions, which I did. The instructions instructed me to put in a 25-character product key into those five fields. Well, in case you haven't noticed, the Norton 2008 program only comes with a 19-character product key. So that doesn't work.

I have tried calling you people, emailing, using the help & support chat service, everything to get this goddamn program up and running. But every single freakin' link DOES NOT WORK! Not even the survey link you sent me in this original email!!! That doesn't even work!!! So then I tried to get into my Norton Account (which I created when I first purchased the product) but the system claimed to not recognize my password. Now, I KNOW THE PASSWORD I CHOSE FOR MY NORTON ACCOUNT BECAUSE I WROTE IT DOWN AND I AM A RESPONSIBLE, ORGANIZED PERSON, WHICH IS A LOT MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR YOU PEOPLE. But, nevertheless, your idiotic system didn't recognize my password, so I clicked on the "forgot your password" link and the system promised to email me a new, temporary password, WHICH IT DIDN'T. I tried to create a new password about ten times, but my Norton Account never sent a new password to my email account. So that doesn't work, either.

And then I got to thinking... If you incompetent, lazy, irresponsible, sloppy ###s can't get your website and its links in working order, then what does that say about your products??? Why should I believe that the product I purchased for fifty bucks is anything more than a poorly written, malfunctioning, clumsy, half-baked program that does nothing more than confuse and bugger up my delicate computer. I hate you people.

So, naturally and obviously, I am demanding a full refund of the Norton Internet Security 2008 "Subscription". I demand and expect my VISA to be refunded as soon as you have finished reading this email. Again, my order number is *************.

It's been a goddamn nightmare dealing with your company and it's software.

Angry Consumer.

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  • Sh
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    Had same problem. Finally got it install. Have no idea how I got thru, but I did. Now my problem is my computer shuts off half way thru a full scan. Of course it's my pc...NOT...only time does this is with Norton. As son as I figure out how to uninstall (way that really works), IT IS OUT OF HERE. Nevre ever again to be seen

  • Wg
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    Having experienced the nightmare of NIS2005's even worse release of Symantec's so called AV, I vowed to 'never again use Norton products' (having more problems than it ever prevented, constantly needing NIS re-installs, causing I think more issues w/in the OS than it ever could have prevented, no support, etc., etc., etc.), it was only after trying other products and finding them failing in about the same respects, one of which was eEye's "Blink" that let me down (by allowing a USB stick's 'bar_311' trojan-virus onto my machine, which the nightmare continued when against my better judgement used the again hellish TrendMicro mand their online scanner to supposedly clean the machine and the USB stick (which it didn't and moreover it resulted in enabling the virus's trademark 'boot on & immediately right back off' routine, so that proved TM' sucked as well. Of course TM' refused to back up their online scanner's failure as they refused to even write back and they demand as most, a ccard before even speaking w/support. Thus after weeks of pulling my hair out, ie; countless hours of ueslessly seeking help, I figured out (on my own) how to go to the BIOS and disable boot from disk and then was able to do a complete system recovery. Again, no help from anyone (CNet forum and many other forums as well). So after the system format and re-install, I was still left with the infected USB stick and Norton's online scanner actually cleaned the stick. It was then I made the mistake of buying into the supposed claims that NIS had fixed their quirky software after 2005 and so I installed their NIS 2008. Aside from that I can't say anything good about Symantec's product. It slows down the machine to a crawl, interferes with iexplorer and video editing software mostly from what I can surmise by NIS's "pulse" updating aspect which can't be disabled (supposedly only the suto updates can be disabled, but once you miss either of the usually twice daily auto updates, the result seems the machine is plagued by not only incessant NIS warning popups on need to update, but it seems too that also the pulse update's are the cause of crashing my videop editor. Biggest annoyance w/NIS 2008 is the fact that in order to disable it, you must do so for each individual feature of the damned application (AV, firewall, EMail scanning, on and on and on, and if you use a password for NIS controls, well you know, just more needless exacerbation). NIS/Symantec, you product makes me want to puke. All I can say is just keep nothing on the OS that you don't care if anyone sees it, don't use your primary machine with a ccard, format & reinstall w/o any so called patches (that are bypassed as soon as their issued anyway) and just run your primary machine 'bare foot' and you'll be a lot ****ing more happier. Period.

  • Hu
      20th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got a message saying my Norton program was messed up and I should uninstall and reinstall. Did that- Now I cannot access my account with my original password OR the temporary they sent me. Disgusting. Hugh Trusty

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