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I'm a GM for a pretty big corporation and I was shocked by the service provided by Suntrust. As a GM, I know that you must treat all guest nicely and was shocked by Suntrust. They refused to give me singles because I didn't have an account with them, really??? Aren't you guys a bank, isn't that what banks do?? I walk next door to Well Fargo with no problem. I guess that's why Well Fargo is DOMINATING Suntust. Wells Fargo's exceeds my expectation. Funny how I was litterally going to open an account with Suntrust but now I'm going with Bank of America (I already have an acct with Wells Fargo). Wells Fargo didn't ask "Do You have an acct with us??" because they know they are a bank and banks give out change. As a customer I don't give a rats a$$ about policies, you are supposed to do what you can to please a customer, I know. The company I work for is number 1 in my field, we have been #1 since 1993. We will do whatever it takes to please a guest because we know if we said "oh, that's the policy" that the guest really don't give a [censored]. Suntrust you just lost a customer that would have made your account just that much bigger.

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