Subway / terrible customer service

Midlothian, VA, United States

I love Subway and had never had a bad experience with customer service up until today. It was my first time visiting this store. I went in with a coupon offer for 2 foot long subs for $10, The young man helping us was polite, told us to hold on a minute and asked the manager for help because he didn't see the coupon on the register. The manager then looked at me and my husband and said in a rude tone, "we're not doing that, it's 2 for $11 or nothing." I told the young man, "OK." My husband proceeded to pay. The manager then walks over again and asks rudely, "you see where the coupon says participating stores?"
This behavior was unprovoked and unprofessional. We didn't say anything to him or the young man that would merit that treatment. We actually said nothing at all, outside of "OK" and "thank you" to the young man behind the register. Needless to say, We didn't respond or acknowledge the manager's question.
My husband and I are well mannered and present well. We don't deserve to be treated that way, simply because we had a coupon. How are we to know that store wasn't participating in the offer?
We were going to buy cookies and drinks and simply paid for the subs. We bought the cookies and drinks across the parking lot at McDonald's. I'm aware that my not buying those items there will not make or break that particular franchise, but in my mind it was my way of refusing that little piece of business to the manager. Honestly, I didn't walk out and leave the sandwiches, because it wasn't the young man's fault and I didn't want him to feel bad since he had already made the sandwiches and because I strongly feel the manager would've found someway to blame him for it.
I'm not upset because the offer wasn't being honored at the store. I'm upset because of the poor customer service we received from the manager. A professional way of handling that situation would've been to tell us, "I'm sorry this store isn't participating in that offer. However, we can offer you 2 foot long subs for $11." We would've been fine with it and continued on to order our cookies, drinks and to eat at the restaurant as we originally intended.
I will continue to love Subway and to visit my usual store. I will never visit this particular store again.

Sep 13, 2017

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