Subway Sandwiches And Saladsovercharged

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Subway sandwiches overcharges for their value meals. The nationally advertised price for a value meal is $5.00. When I purchased two value meals I was charged $11.18, or $5.59 per meal. They tried to explain the reason for the different charge but it made no sense at all. I contacted subway by email and the store owner called to try and explain the reason. She only could say that the registers were programmed to charge that amount and really couldn't answer my question. They are ripping people off on each purchase of a meal.

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  • Te
      Apr 28, 2009

    I have been overcharged at Subway. Two different Subways that I am aware of. The one they did a refund, and the other they have tried to explain it was because I was eating in. I went back another time and was overcharged for take out. I get tired of asking for a refund, so guess I just need to go somewhere else to eat.

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  • No
      Nov 20, 2009

    exactly...its called tax people!

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  • At
      Dec 30, 2010

    Lol @ tax...duh...people forget that we pay taxes on everything in this country...even [censor]...yes, i said take a dump and you have to pay taxes on the sewer service.

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