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Subwayunethical gross people

I, a physical therapist, my fiance, an Episcopal Priest, and family were verbally attacked for asking these, um, people, to change their gloves. They first refused. Then, demanded to know why. I stated we're vegetarian and also have one with food allergy to all the tuna spread around. The woman mocked us stating "I'm not no self-righteous person, how do you ever eat in public? That's strange." The place was also filthy, smelled foul. Hickville? - I have the whole thing on FLIP video, hilarious but so sad they're so dumb and will have children.

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    • Ve
      veganna Feb 12, 2010

      I agree with you. I am a vegan and I always have them change their gloves if they made a meat sandwich in front of me...I have gotten rude Subway employees ask me why and get all defensive to the point of making me feel uncomfortable!! I also tell them not to cut my sandwich! How do they expect a vegetarian to be okay with them cutting my sandwich with the same knife that they just cut a meat sandwich with?!!!

      I know it would be hard to do but I wish so much that restaurants like Subways, Moe's, Chipotle, etc would have a vegetarian station and a meat station so there is no cross-contamination! It's really gross when they make meat sandwiches/mexican food with plastic gloves on and they touch the meat as they are making the food and then use those same gloved hands to reach into the lettuce, tomatoes, olives, etc. with their meaty hands...

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    • Mo
      monstersquad Mar 20, 2010

      just because you went to a bad Subway, doesn't mean all subway employees are like that. Mine isn't. You also have to think that maybe since you had a bad experience at one, you go into others with it already set in your mind that you are going to get attitude and bad service. Sometimes its about perception. Not everyone hates vegetarians, my boss happens to be a vegetarian. You also have to realize that even when they change their gloves they have already made meat sandwiches that have touched the vegetables. So, with changed gloves your veggies are already contaminated. There's only so much someone can do. If you have that much of a problem with it then maybe you should make your own subs and salads.

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    • Su
      subwaynikki Nov 05, 2010
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      Verified customer

      I'm a vegetarian and work at subway as well, If you came into my store you'd be treated well and have the best subway sandwich around. There are 3 Subway stores in my town and everybody always tells me, that were the best store. They like us because were nice to our customers, treat them with respect and always do what asked. Changing gloves? Not an issue with me or any of my co-workers its completely understandable, I've worked at Subway for two years now. Anytime my gloves get anything from another sub on them, I change them immediately. I make and prepare food the way I like it, and to best in which I interpret what they'd like their sandwich to have on it. I think its repulsive that Subway stores/workers could ever be so rude and inconsiderate, especially concerning the glove issue, that is one of my biggest pet peeves as well as the sandwich itself looking great every time. I will say however, my store also gets its fair share of [censor]s that come in expecting us to treat them like [censor], because thats the type of service they've received at other Subway locations. Well heres a news flash people, Try going to a different store and don't walk through the door with a [censor] attitude just out to make somebody else's turn into a heap of crap. People that work at Subway and a lot of fast food restaurants are treated like crap constantly and annoyed with people on cell phones, demanding things, constantly asking how long something is going to take, [censor]ing about prices of food that are expensive to order/ship/receive/prepare/ etc. The list could keep going about how many things frustrate employees in this type of business. Not all stores are the same, and I will agree that some really do suck. management and the persons attitude about their life in general are huge factors as to possibly how one is treated. This to me is really sad. I will admit, at my old store, it sounded a lot like what some of you were describing. But their are also a few other stores I worked at that were completely different. Some employees make minimum wage, don't get a break during the day because their over 18 yrs old, work 30-40 hours a week 9-12 hour days and go to College full time. This too me sounds stressful, yeah it could be worse any they should be lucky they have a job, but when you live a life similar if not exact to this and you get to work and nothing is done, the line is out the door and customers are frustrated because we ran out of bread etc, [censor] happens. Sorry human beings can't be perma-nice 24/7 everybody has different stress levels and crap that happened too them throughout the day that you cant possibly make such judgements that all Subways are bad and their employees are just crap. Do some shopping, and why not ask the person one day, Do you like your job? Or why are you in a bad mood? Try to talk to them, I'd appreciate it If someone did that with me when I was by myself with a line to the door and I'd just found out an hour earlier my childhood dog died and no one would cover for me because the store was over hours. People appreciate it when customers try to calm the environment instead of just starring tapping your foot and sighing because your at the end of the line, the store only had scheduled one person for the night. [censor] happens people, when you don't know the hole story try to take the other persons side of view. Though it may seem like an easy job to many that any idiot could do, your wrong. I'm still learning things about Subway I never knew before and always keep an open mind. Sorry you guys have had bad experiences with Subway, I'd just say go to a different store or ask the people, whats your guys's deal? Positive attitudes from the get go are always a mood booster for someone thats sick of being at work, its just like anything else. Live n learn right?

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