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valdosta ga, US

I have worked at subway for almost 12 years and I love my job as a manager. I like to read complaints as to get input on what customers do and don't like... But after reading some of the this stories, i'm appalled by some of them. Yes I have a few complaints but 99% of mine are petty but fixable and and I always correct and make the customer come back happy. I so unhappy to hear of the stories that these folks have... Subway is a great company and they provide great quality food and suppose to be quality service. I can't speak for all subway stores but I can say that it makes me angry to hear the things I read. What angers me most is that now these (Stores) have made such a mockery of the subway name and its reputation, that most folks think that all subways are the same.
Well there not; some us of us treat our customers with the up most respect and with great service... I plea with those that have had a bad experience at subway.. Don't let that keep you from enjoying our food and our hospitality, there are some of us that are of the best of the best... I have personal issues myself because of my first name is the same name as an owner of 4 other stores and I get backlash because we have the same first name... But I still correct and try my best to make them happy no matter what store they go to... Please keep telling subway of your experiences but not just here please go to corporate and tell them of the experience of the store itself... It will more of a difference... Meanwhile thank you for your patronage and thank you buisness

Nov 17, 2017

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