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charged me $14 for a foot long!

I often go to subway to get a $5 footlong. When my friends ask where we should eat I always say subway. Well not anymore! Yesterday when I went I was charged $14 for a foot long!!! I got 3 meats, one cheese and the toppings.

Why was I charged so much??? He tried to make up some * reason but since he was mexican I didn't argue cause I didn't even understand him!

I was so upset that I don't plan on ever going back unless I get my money back or at least $7. A very upset lady.

  • Al
    Allan22 Jan 25, 2011

    shouldnt have paid it. race has nothing to do with it. your own fault for paying and or not asking for someone else ie manager. you really wanted that foot long eh???

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Jan 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should have refused to pay that much and then spoken to a manager and/or left.

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  • Do
    DonMatthews Jan 31, 2011

    3 meats? well he charged you separately for each of the meats.. I thought the $5 was only valid on select subs..

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manager bullying his employee

The Manager at 1026 west Rand road Arlington Heights Subway is very rude to his employees that customer like...

roach by soda machine

I was surprise that after 4 months that I mentioned to my friend that there was a huge roach by the soda...

terrible service and product

I responded to the listed Subway establishment to purchase a "seafood sub" as I always have at any other...

poor treatment of employees

Many people on this board complain about the customer service from the workers, but let me enlighten you...

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mta booth worker

Date : december 21, 2010 β€” time 4:00 am β€” employee badge #87486
This morning on daily routine to work, I asked the booth employee at the beach 60th street "a" train station (that was reading a magazine) to refill my metro card with 3 other metrocards I had with money left in them so I could board the train, to me she seemed very annoyed at the fact that I was asking her do such a thing, she trew her magazine on the desk and said that she next time she wasnt going to do this anymore because it was too many metrocards, she took so long doing this that I missed my train when she saw that I had missed my train she just laughed and continued to read her magazine,

  • Date: August 29, 2011 - Time: 7:00 am - Booth employee on the Pelham Parkway (Dyre Ave 5 train) - She would not give her name or badge number. She is rude everyday, if you ask her a question she acts like you're asking her for a kidney. She refuses to combine metrocard balances but this morning was the worse. After the hurricane, everyone is confused and looking for guidance. I arrived at the Pelham Parkway Station swipe my card and the turn stile is not working. I ask her, are the trains running, she replies with an attitude Yes. I ask again how do we get in to catch the train, she replies with an attitude, you pull the door open and go through it. Now unless someone tells us that, how would we know? If she didn't want to speak, she could have at least put a sign up with those instructions. She is bad for the MTA and should be replaced with someone that really wants the job. Thank you for listening.

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rude service/over pricing

I don't know if anything will be done, but I really would like to get this out. First off, I have had problems with this Subway before, but I would make some excuse for the employees and let it slide, today, however, was the last straw. My brother and I had stopped in to get a sandwich for myself and one for my boyfriend. My boyfriend asked me to get him a footlong club, and I ordered a 6" ham and turkey. The total was almost $19!! The cashier gave me the total and I said "Oh, doesn't that seem high?" And he replied, "No, the club alone is $9.95 for the meal." I said "Holy cow! That is way more expensive than anywhere else I've been, even here a few weeks ago." He then said no that they were the cheapest subway in the country? Right, I'm sure they are. I said something along the lines of "I'm not sure about that, your sign says $6.95 for the footlong club..." He cuts me off saying "yea you idiot, then the extra for your meal, don't be so cheap." Mind you, this was after I already paid the bill. No where on thier boards does it say it will be $3 to make it a meal. Whatever I let it slide and went to fill my drinks. One of the other employess had asked the cashier "What was that about?" Then the cashier says "Oh she's just stupid." I turned and looked at him and then he says "Yea the poor b**** right there!" I'm not poor, but even if I was whose business is it other than mine? I said to him "You know what? You are very rude and I'd like to speak to your manager." He then laughed and said "My dad is the owner, complain all you want." I simply stated to my brother that we would not be going there again, Crystal Lake is run way better and is cheaper. As I'm walking out the door he shouts something else at me and says "Yea that's right." I did not understand the treatment I recieved what so ever. Also my food was not that great, in fact I now have food poisoning from turkey that was not kept properly. I tried to submit a complaint on thier website but they want all my information to contact me, I really don't want anymore harrassment from that store. Also when I tried to call and make a complaint I got bounced around from person to person to person for 40 minutes before I hung up. Any other thoughts?

  • Jo
    joey0923 Dec 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    contact the better business bureau. i was also charged about $10 and change for a meal. since when did subway get so expensive?

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  • At
    atlanta_boy Dec 30, 2010

    You must be an idiot. Were you expecting a club meal for $6.50? It's clearly stated on the signs that the meal is 2-3 dollars in addition to the sandwich.

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refused to change my money back

Last Sunday, I paid $20.56 bought a tuna sandwich and a bottle of orange juice for $9.56 (included tax) at...

employee pay system

I am a Subway employee and I have not been paid on a normal basis. It is stated in the handbook that we will be payed every other Friday. Well recently we have been paid the next day of the following Monday. At times we even get paid a couple days early. I get paid minimum wage and only work about 15 hours a week. I do not make much, so I live pay check to pay check. I cannot afford to get paid a day late or even a few days late. I have a son to take care of.

  • At
    atlanta_boy Dec 30, 2010

    If you get your check on friday, then you won't show up for work on saturday because you will be smoking and drinking with your paycheck.

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refuse to make new sub/credit/rude manager

Today I went to the Subway on Portage Avenue and Basswood, (Wolseley) in Winnipeg, and purchased two...

rude manager

I go to Medical School which happens to be right beside a Subway. So at least once a week me and several...

rude employee

We ordered a foot long breakfast sandwich and was given a straight wrong order. The Mexican ady that was at...

always out of food, or debit down

You can go into the store, and want a sandwich and they are always out of the required food stuffs to make it, Are they really a bussiness?, Not really.Cause ive seen where they will make your sandwich, then you can't pay cause the debit is out of order.
Don't goto this location first thing in the morning as you will stand around waiting as the staff that works nighs is leaving all there work till the morning before there boss gets there, , so are left waiting for service.
We have three locations in the city and the only one that seems to be able to do the job they advertise is the main st location, Could this be cause the main manager far all the subways in the city works there..
Complaints fall on deaf ears as nothing ever seems to be done to rectify the problem...thankfully there is numerous other fast food places in the city that are more than willing and prepared to take your order, Get it right, Say thankyou, And actually have staff doing there job.


I am a regular customer at subway and I always have my subway toasted, but tonite they charged me the price for the toasting and put it in microwave which made the bread soft and taste horrible and when I complained they said that's the way it is and the main people at subway will do nothing about it and I think it was rude. yours sincerely Sean woodsford

bad service, overcharging, rude behavior, trash talks customers rips people off thieves

the subway in okeechobee, fl has the worst servce or just bad. it's run by imbeciles and jerks...and rude females...i went to get a sub and then the girl making my sub asked the fat nasty white trash hoebag next to her if she can put my vegetables on--the white trash hippo then made a rude comment stating "im not dealing with HER" in a rude way...for no ive never even been to that subway before. Then, on top of those comments, bad attitude, they overcharge people adn dont ring things up as combos-- they ring it up individually and you can't argue with them they will defend themselves. They rip people off overcharge them...and treat them badly...the trailer trash wenches that work there need some serious attitude changes and wores they are stealing from customers and people by charging them wrongly, charging for tiny 'cups' and overcharging them...shame on those low lifes...its the only subway in town so be careful as illiterate white trash are the only losers it seems to employ

  • Ge
    getalifedawniette Oct 07, 2010

    i didnt make any racial slurs or insults to anyone- im making insults now after being upset by being treated badly-- you obviously dont know the difference, plus you have no life since you live here posting comments 24/7... they also didn't not want to 'wait on me', they made rude comments and overcharged me. you have no comprehension abilities whatsoever- go back to grade school where people as dumb as you belong

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  • Pj
    P.J Dec 09, 2012

    This place cheats customers. Ordered a foot long cold cut special promo sandwich but ask only to put one type of meat that comes in a cold cut sandwich. And the Indian guy charged me more. Very unethical business practice.

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wrong order 6 times in a row

In the last 3 months we have visited this particular subway approxiamatly 6 times, following each visit my fiance' and I have had horrible experience involving customer service, food preperation, amount of time waiting and general lack of leadership when asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. Mere minutes ago we called to talk to a manager about our order being woefully misprepared and were informed that the manager was not available. This is not an isolated incident it has happen numerous times to me and several of my aquaintances. After seeking help from this specific location I have resorted to going farther across town to go to lunch at a different resteraunt or even a subway that has proper service. I am extremly displeased and will be informing friends and coworkers to steer clear of subway.

contest is a rip-off

Subway's "Fiery Footlong Frenzy" contest is nothing but a rip-off.
Within two weeks, all my local Subways had no more 32 oz cups with contest codes.
The codes on Sun Chips Monterey Jack and Tomato are repeats - there seem two be only three or four different ones printed on the bags, and Subway's website tells me "You've already used this one. Sorry."
The stickers put onto breakfast sandwiches are also extremely limited in number. I got the same code on two different stickers IN THE SAME VISIT! And (as noted above) they don't allow use of any code entered before.
Consider this: With over 140 trillion possible combinations of 10-letter codes, why should there be any repeats?
Obviously, to lure people into buying their products to enter a contest in which the customers cannot possibly win a prize because the contest codes are no good.
Subway gets your money -- you get frustration.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's "while supplies last" and "restrictions may apply." I looked in up on their site under "legal".

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delivery not as per order placed

Complaint against SUBWAY -

Store no 23117
Kapadia Indstrial Estate
Shop #5, near Dominos,
Andheri Kurla Road
Mumbai -400093

Details of the order placed -
Store no 23117
Bill no: receipt # [protected]
Trans# 40clerk 12 vicky

We had ordered 7 subway sandwich, particularly specifying, based on the past experience, that kindly put sufficient ingredients and the sauces. Also had asked the concerned person to take down the order on a piece of paper so that there is no confusion on the specifications of the choice of bread and the contents. However, the order was not as placed. The oreganos bread was replaced with a brown bread and also there was as good as nothing in the subway s/w, no tomatoes, olives and lettuce and sauces.
Highly disappointed with the service. Kindly need you to look in to the matter as this is not the 1st time we have such a complaint. Also keeping in mind that the order was of around Rs 700, which is not a petty amount. ALso the person taking the order says that the s/w will be of a lower grade as there is a lot of rush - are we not paying the same amount as the others are, while placing the order at the store??
The manager there was Ashutosh – who, when complained to did not give the desired response. All the more dis appointed - we actually need a refund as most of us did not eat the sandwich.



  • Fr
    FrancisF Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try this site - it works better.

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steak and cheese rip off

Yesterday I went to subway and decided that I wanted to try something new. So I looked at the menu and I wanted the steak and cheese, not the big philly cheese steak. I only had about 8 dollars so when they were done with my sandwich they told me to pay 9 dollars. I said wait but I ordered the steak and cheese which is only $6.75 and he told me no that i had a cheese steak. So i said whats the difference and he responded with IT costs more. SO I said Im not paying extra for something I didnt order. So he talks to the person that made my sandwich and he came back told me sorry. So i got my sandwhich. What i dont get is why make two sandwhiches so alike that the employees cant tell the difference. Other than that, I love subway!

  • Su
    subwayemployee Apr 19, 2011

    if you paid $6.48 for a sub at subway you probably got extra cheese or bacon. plus the tax you ###.

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  • Lu
    Luigi Jackson Dec 27, 2012

    I just wonder why it is when you order a basic sandwich at Subway, a normal slice of cheese is tossed on at no extra charge. However when I say "no cheese", I don't get a discount. Then I watch my friend behind me order "extra cheese", and they get charged extra for the cheese I should have received free. I bet Subway has some interesting tax return statements.

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clerk with attitude!

The average sanwich order that I always get from every Subway normally with a smile was a great challenge for...

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