Steak N Shakecleanliness of store

1. the waitress (Wendy) kept picking at her ear, wiping her face with her hands, pushing and pulling her hair back and as I watched not once did she ever wash her hands. It grossed me out seeing her touching things people were going to either eat off or from. Very dirty person. She wasn't practicing good hygiene or sanitary practice.
2. I saw this fan up on a shelf, fairly large one, back in the kitchen area. It was On and cycling back and forth. When I put my glasses on and saw how dirty and dusty it was I almost got up and left. That dirt and grease, dust just blowing down on everything.
3. After I had put my glasses on I gave a good look at the kitchen. The walls and equipment. Filthy, dusty and greasy.
As I looked around some more and saw what I saw and worse, I made up my mind I'll never be back.
Give me Mcdonalds any day.

Dec 10, 2018

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