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State Farm Insurance / State Farm Insurance suspending license?

1 Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:

Thanksgiving day i had went to grab my car and park it in front of my apartment figuring this would be an easy task. On my way to paralell park outside this black car speeds up on my back end and blairs the horn. So i go up to the next parking spot while traveling to this area the car even tries to moneuver around me on a one way street. I finally arrive, on the same street at another parking spot. As i try to back in the car zooms up behind me. He instantly gets out of the car and yells "you broke my car!" . After this had happened i had gone inside my girlfriend had heard the guy laying on the horn and watched the whole thing. This being a car i had just purchased i had not insured it yet. So i had exchanged information with the driver who was using state farm insurance. Two weeks later i get a call from asking me what had happened they also called my girlfriend and got her say. Another two weeks rolls by and they call me back saying that he had told them another story and he had a police report? That is amazing, he actually had the police come while i was gone. Today i recieve a call from OSI Collections which is state farms collection agency. This is strange because for two months i had not heard from state farm and all of a sudden i have to pay 1200.00 dollars in repair for this guys car or the insurance company will suspend my license and my moms. I cannot believe i had not gotten any result on the accident untill now. I then called and spoke with state farms insurance they in fact told me that they are always bias for the customer. And that if i did take it to court they would not release it from collections.

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  • Th
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree with "no time for idiots' You are up the creek without a paddle. When they first contacted you it appears you admitted to haveing no insurance or you told the driver whom you hit. Sadly you were backing up which about 99.9% of the time means you will be the at fault driver. Not only did the police find you at fault but also the insurance company - two different agencies but both found you to be the liable party.

    It is your responsbility before driving off in a new car to buy insurance - its a state regulation and because you were driving w/o a license and were at fault yes the insurance company can file a claim with the DMV and once a judgment is received they will revoke your license. You're better off paying a monthly payment to the collections agency or setting up a lump sum offer or you will be driving unlicensed and have a judgment against you, mean while your credit rating continues to decline.

    You have to own up to your responsibilities, if you're going to drive buy insurance.

  • Di
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    So what happened? Did your license get suspended? or do collection agencies just say that to get you to pay? I really want to know. You had no ticket or report to DMV, right? And they went behind your back and lied and made it sound like your fault. Can they get away with that? does the DMV really take licenses away for nonpayment to a collection agency??????? In Illinois does this happen????? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Wp
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    Insurance companies cannot suspend your license. I believe you are a liar, and you did not have sufficient insurance to repair this guy's vehicle. You should be incarcerated. I am tired of idiots like you causing damage without proper insurance.

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