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We recently had storms move through our area (Rockford, Roscoe, IL). A family member also had hail damage to his roof (also has State Farm, same agent) and they sent out an independent contractor, meaning this company had no ties to Sate Farm. Three weeks later, he has a new roof. Our damage was much worse as we live in a very windy area and had not only hail but wind damage and State Farm sent out one of their "field reps". This man was rude from the time he got out of his truck, never introducing himself, never saying "hi, how are you", nothing, he came with an attitude! At the end of his inspection, he requested to speak to my husband, and as I walked up, he rudely asked who I was, then when I was "cleared" as a homeowner, he proceeded to tell us that the damage on our roof was "manufactured", which I asked him to elaborate on (I didn't catch on to the fact that he was calling us crooks!), and he would now be sending out a "forensic investigator" to complete the job. I was so upset, humiliated, angry, and just plain flabbergasted that I first demanded one of his business cards, then had to go in and use my asthma inhaler to try to calm down before I called my agent, Julie Weaver at the 3065 N Perryville Rd Rockford, Il [protected] State Farm Office, (who actually happened to be new to us because our agent of 20+ years retired and we had just been assigned to this agent weeks earlier). This so-called inspector did not believe we could have wind or hail damage on all 4 sides of our roof (???). THERE WAS A STORM, WITH WIND!!! While I gather all the information I need to switch insurance company's, I would love to know if anyone has EVER sued State Farm (including defamation of character) and won, or if anyone has any other ideas. How can they send an independent contractor to one home (this relative w/ the new roof has had State Farm for about 7 or 8 months vs our 20+ years) and another get a "Field Rep" or whatever their called...bottom line one works for the benefit of State Farm and the other doesn't care. I know for a fact if they had sent that same company to our house, we would have our new roof with no complaints. Oh, and in our 20+ years, we have 6 things insured with them, and have at most ever put in 2 or 3 claims! I want to sue them! I just don't know if it financially feasible. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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  • Wi
      Oct 06, 2009

    State Farm does not pay well. Our home was hit by a tornado (a very legit claim, the proof was everywhere)and the same thing (rude adjuster, ect) came out. Wonder if it was the same guy! I demanded that he leave and never return. State Farm sent someone else out. They paid, just not very well. We felt like criminals. It was already a stressful time and they should have been professional and understanding. I switched insurance companies. Farm Bureau paid all of our neighbors claims well, with zero hassle. In my opinion, based on my neighbors responses, they were easy to work with and they had their money fast. It took over a week just to get the first adjuster to our house. Our neighbors already had checks and had started rebuilding.

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  • Ro
      Apr 29, 2011

    Oh my goodness. I am in the middle of a nightmare with State Farm. My roof has 65% wind and hail damage and they want to patch it. I have been a loyal customer for 22 years. I have had a contractor tell me I need the whole roof replaced. I'm now requesting a 2nd inspection from State Farm. Meanwhile it keeps raining and blowing and more leaks. I'm a single mom and truly feel they are trying to take advantage of me. I live in Oklahoma and have contacted the State Dept of Insurance but that is a long process too. I thought you paid for insurance hoping you would never need it but if you did, IT WAS AVAILABLE TO YOU.

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  • Co
      Jul 29, 2011

    Our State Farm adjuster brought an "expert" that admitted he had no roof experience. They wanted to repair our roof and replace some of the shingles. My policy is for exact replacement on my home (which they probably didn't realize) but regardless, they do not make my shingles anymore so they have to write it for the entire roof. They also missed my gutters that are out of wack from the wind and the hail damage to my sky lights. All estimates are thousands more than State Farms estimate and the adjuster will not return calls. You'd think with all the damage to my vehicles from the tornado and all the damage to the homes in our neighborhood they'd wise up. They just don't want to pay. Every roofer has told me that State Farm is cheap and uses national average prices...which you can't touch in the state of Pennsylvania. My agent is good and assured me that once I decide who I'm using they will make the call for me and fax all paperwork to the adjusters from their State Farm office.

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  • Fa
      Jun 27, 2016

    Wow!! Just reading all of these comments and it all sounds so familiar. We have been State Farm customers for probably close to 30 years. We currently have two homeowners policies and four vehicles insured with them but not for much longer. We have paid in thousands of dollars over the years just to be denied a claim on our homeowners for storm damage. We have hail damage and shingles blown off from a storm that came through plus a gutter blown off and a window broken. They sent their so called adjuster out to assess the damage. This is what he said...go buy some shingles and patch the roof. The gutter is still pretty good shape i think you can reuse it and you can get the glass replaced in the window. So no help what so ever from State Farm. They have lost a long time loyal customer.

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  • Ge
      Jun 03, 2018

    This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with my wife has stage 4 cancer. And I do not need the extra aggravation I had roof damage ceiling damage from wind ice and rain I have gotten so many different excuses and been told so many different things I do not know what to believe anymore my wife's been with State Farm for 40 years I think it's time to change it just doesn't seem that they care the TV commercial show that State Farm is there but he's never handing the personal check

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