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Will not pay claims

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Like others I have had State Farm refuse to cover losses. I had insurance with them for more than five years. Auto, Home, Life insurance in all 8 policies. I had hail damage and reported it. First they assigned an adjuster in the wrong area and had to start over. Then I get an adjuster who said I had no damage other than three singles damaged. (more singles than that were on the ground). At first we dropped it until we noticed that EVERY neighbor around us were having their roofs replaced. I spoke to each of the who told me their insurance was replacing their roof for hail damage. My sister who lives one street over reported her roof and State Farm said no hail damage. I asked my agent why everyone around me had hail damage and I didn't. He said there must have been a hole in the hail storm that missed my house. The only thing in common with the houses that got their roof replaced? They did not have State Farm Insurance. One lady in our neighborhood did not know she had hail damage until she received a check from Farm Bureau Insurance, they told her since others they covered in the area had hail damage they had come and checked her roof on their own. (now that is good neighbor service).

My story doesn't end their, to protect me, my agent instead of resubmitting my claim (he told me it would make me look like I was trying to get paid for nothing) he sent out a roofer to check my roof. He called me later to say my roof was fine and had no damage at all. I was in the process of selling my house, so that is what I was concerned with and let it drop. The buyers were told a roofer said roof was fine and asked to speak with the roofer. I was happy to provide the information knowing he would tell them everything was fine. Imagine my surprise when I was informed by the buyers that the roofer told them not only was their major structural damage to my roof and leaks but that I had already been told about and was I lying to them. When I called my insurance agent he was not apologetic for being dishonest, he was to busy telling me about how much money he personally spent on repairs at this house. He asked me what I thought he could do, I suggested repairing the roof as he was paid to do. He said insurance did not pay for structural damage (there wasn't any just incompetent roofer) or leaks that had been let go. I pointed out that if State Farm had repaired the roof when first notified the leak would have been fixed. I canceled all my policies and moved them to Allstate.
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N  5th of Jul, 2008 by    +1 Votes
You seem to have left a lot of information out of the story. Either there was big roof damage, or there was no damage. The Closing papers will show if you were charged to get the roof repaired, for the new owner. Ask the Closing Agent for the name of the man who said that you were lying. His file will have a Report in it.
You need to ask the Insurance Agent for the name and address of the roofer that he says he sent out to inspect the roof. You need to find your Claim Number for the Adjuster's visit where he said that you had three damaged shingles. Then you send that data to the State Insurance Commission as a complaint.
You had better make sure that the Adjuster took photos, and wrote a report based on the photographs ... that only three shingles were damaged. You are not entitled to a new roof just because all of your neighbors got their's replaced. You have to have damage, beyond your Deductible, to get paid. How long was it between the hail storm, and the day you sold the house? You don't get structural damage from little pieces of bouncing hail. Wet rot (structural damage) comes from years of neglect with a lot of rain storms. How old was the roof, and how long did you live there ... five years? Where is the Condition Report from the Closing Papers when you bought the house?
When the Insurance Commission asks for the Claim File, the State Farm Claims Managers and Superintendent get involved, and every thing that you say had better be Gospel. The Insurance Commission can look up any and all damage histories on that house. They also have Meterological Weather Reports for the day that the hail hit, including every rainstorm that passed over your house between the date that you bought the house and the date that you sold it.
What you should have remembered, was that State Farm goes to bat for their OLD policy holders, moreso than with newer ones, as does every other company. You were supposed to feel sorry for the Agent who spent a lot more on his repairs than you did.
In case you wondered, I spent 40 years in the claims business.
N  5th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I lived in the house for eleven years and had replaced the roof about 7-8 years ago. Roof was replaced with 25 year shingles. Time between hail storm and sale of the house was about 9-11 months. Buyers got $3000.00 off the price of the house for repair of roof and they did replace it. There was NO structual damage, roofer backed down from that claim when confronted and admitted he had not actually seen damage, just guessed because there was a low spot in the roof. (when roof was replaced it was confirmed there were no broken rafters as he claimed). My brother in law works as a disaster claims adjuster, so yes I know that they can check all the meterological weather reports. I was not asking for a free ride because my neighbors got theirs replaced, I only wanted my roof to be put back to the state it was before the storm minus my deductible. I do not believe in using insurance as "FREE MONEY" but I pay good money to be covered the one time I make a claim. Also it was not one or two neighbors with damage, but more like 12+ including houses on all four sides of me and a street away. I appreciate the information on filing a complaint with the insurance commision. I have considered it, but since I did not take any pictures of the roof and have no idea what the appraiser did, I have not gone forward with my complaint. I changed insurance companies along with making sure everyone I know hears our story.
N  6th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Mr. Scarpetta ...
The additional information that you supplied above, fills in the gaps very nicely. The $3, 000 that you mentioned came out of your pocket at the Sale Closing. You lost $3, 000 ... not the agent or the roofer. Technically, it's called "Dimunition of Value".
The insurance adjuster took pictures of your roof, and he wrote a report. The house Buyer probably kept the roof repair bill, and would be glad to give you a copy, because it's a Capital Gain offset when he sells the house.
The Insurance Commission should order State Farm to pay you $3, 000 less your Deductible, after they review the Claim File. The only unknown at the moment, is whether you Waived any Claim Rights when you Closed on the house. You have those papers and so does the Buyer. The Insurance Commission will figure it out for you. Were Escrow Funds set aside for the Buyer's roofer, and if so, get a copy of the check from the roofer or the Closing Agent.
Good luck.
N  30th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Had the same problem, except they paid for the damage in the house, but wouldn, t pay for the roof damage. They stated they don't pay for poor installation when constructed. Funny, the didn't complain about the construction when the house was built and they inspected it!!!
D  7th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
TO ALL STATE FARM INSURERS, I hope you will drop your insurance policy. I had my roof inspected after hurricane GUSTAV hit in Denham springs, LA by the independent adjuster, he just paid my roof damaged for 1, 300. For 13 yrs. of this insurance company and my car insurance I now can tell they're not good to buy your policy insurance. The damaged of the barn at the back of the house is total, they paid 6, 900 minus depreciation plus the roof damaged money of 7, 600 plus. But the roof of the house that i really got mad for 1, 300 that had been damaged by the wind isn't enough to pay the roofer. Our entire roof needs to be replaced, the edge of the roof infront of the house are not in good condition after hurricane gustav, but what we got was just 1, 300? I need to hire somebody to do the estimate and we'll find out what's next, maybe we can bring this to court or the media.
N  9th of Jan, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am going through a similar problem. Our home was in Hurricane Ike. We had roof damage and received a check for $912!!! What am I supposed to do with that? They did not even include the roof for my garage. We had fence damage and our big tree cracked in the middle and could fall at any given time if we do not cut it down. We had food spoilage since our power was off for quite some time and all we wanted was to replace our roof! But we cannot do much with $912. I am planning on going to see my insurance agent this weekend, but I do not understand insurance well, and as far as I am concerned, ... WHAT IS INSURANCE FOR ANYWAYS?? We all pay an insurance to protect our home and as soon as a big disaster comes, our insurance companies are not there for us. But they sure are there to collect our money!

This is so sad for many of us homeowners who get ripped off by these insurance companies. What is the point of doing a claim if we cannot even get the damage repaired or replaced? We all work too hard to pay our bills and we work way to hard to be able to keep our homes. Why dont they explain this to many of us when we purchase the insurance? Why dont they inform us of the differences of the policies?

By the way, I have Farmers Insurance as my agent. The company that holds the insurance, which Farmers got for me was, McClelland and Hine, Inc.

I do plan on canceling all my policies with them if they cannot get anything done for me. All I ask is for my roof to be either replaced or repaired completely! They do not even have to issue me a check, I could care less about the money, I just want my roof taken care of properly. My brother claimed his fence, and some minor things around the home and received close to $8000!!! He did not even include his roof in his claim!!!

Well, this helped me release some anger as well. Good luck to all of you on your claims.
A  3rd of Apr, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Re; State Farm Insurance complaints, , They dont care if you cancel your policies, they already got some of your money! State Farm is chicken ###!! We just had a major hail storm here (Texas) and the first thing my agent said to me when I called her was "you'll have to pay the first $2800", a 2% deductible, I asked her why she did'nt tell me about this deductible when she sold me the policy, , she started making up excuses, so for me to get anything it'll cost me $2800, State Farm can KMA!!
N  30th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Well I heard through the grapevine, that they are going to cover the roofs but, only one time no matter what only one time trying to put lifetime shingles on which we all now the lifetime really is bull!So if another storm hits and destroys your roof your SHOL!They will not cover it so then you deal with maker of shingles and you thought it was tough to get money from state farm wait !I recomend concrete tile, or metal, only lifetime roofs out there in my opinion .Denver, CO
N  12th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I understand your frustration. Before you accept what an adjuster tells you, talk to a consumer lawyer who sues insurance companies. For Hail Claim "Do's & Don'ts, check out www.hail-claims.com

Clint Blackman
Dallas, Texas
N  11th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
i took out a new policy with state farm on dec 4th, 2009. WHen i came home on Dec 23th someone had broke in my home that day. I first call the police. I done everything what they told me to do. I call my agents 24 hour service and went ahead and file my claim. WIthin a week later i call them back and they finally found my info were i had call in., they sent me the papers so i can do my inventory on things that had gotton stolen and damage. I went to the agent myself and they also help me. The adjuster was out the office at the main office that day so she would get it the next day she return. She question me about an item that was on my sheet and i didn't know it was more then what the police ask me. I had a receipt of how much i paid and i gave them everything showing proof of owner ship also i had a few items that i was still paying for. I call everyother day to see what the progress was and i call today 1-11-2010. they told me that they would send someone out to my house to fix my door that was damage and the gentleman said he would make sure my claim was done this week. Well within 2 hours after the company that was going to come out and fix my door i get a call from state farm and they inform me that they had cancel the company from coming to my home and they are waiting on the underwriter to see if they will pay for my lost. What is really suckie that the company that i am still owing i had to sign a paper showing were i have home owner insurance in order for me not to have to pay extra for there insurance. The police department has even told them that there has been alot of break ins in the area. I don't know what to do next . they took my money and now they don't want to honor what there promise is just because my home was broken into within the first month of my policy. DOes anyone know what i can do to get a fire under there butts?
N  16th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
March 2008 hail storm...many of my neighbors received new roofs...had State Farm come out...they stated no hail damage to my house or roof...well then a leak comes in my kitchen...had them come back out...now I have hail damage to my air conditioner, gutters, but none seen on the roof...hummmm...but you might need to replace the boots on the roof...so did this and later we had a windy rain storm and another leak comes to my sons room...roof being right above and had state farm come back out but again the agent says no roof damage...well I got a second opinion and they took pictures and stated I do have significant hail damage to my roof. After talking to my agent, he states there is no damage to my roof but has no answer for the leaks...well my house never leaked until after the hail storm... now 2 yrs later i have outside damage to the hardiplank on side of house near the garage from the ground up to the roof...I call state farm and they tell me if I file anoter claim I will have my policy dropped. Been with them for over 24 yrs now, what is wrong with this company! What can I do? I have at least 6 neighbors that got new roofs right next to me and had no problem with getting there claims taken care of. Did the hail really just miss my house? and these leaks are all just a coincidence? Anyone, have a suggestion or a solution...I am completely frustrated. The only money I got from them was for hail damage to gutters and airconditioning unit and to replace the boots on the roof...now how did the hail miss those shingles????:(((
D  31st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
To CGS...They send you a policy in the mail. On the first page it tells you what your deductible is. I am tired of ###s like you buying things and never asking basic questions about what you are getting. Who the hell doesn't know that you have a deductible on homeowners insurance. $2, 800 is a smart deductible for someone who doesn't make claims all the time. GOOD LORD!!
N  28th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am now going thru a similar problem with State Farm regarding a claim I have filed for roof damage from hurricane Wilma in 2005. Following months of wait I am now being subjected to a EUO examination under oath by State Farm. I too have many neighbors that have other insurance companies and have received compensation for their loss. Following the claim submittal we got a notice informing us that we are being dropped. A day or two later we received a letter from our agent thanking us for their business. We have had coverage with State Farm for 20 years. They S___.
A  17th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
State Farm sucks!!! I submitted a claim for roof damage due to tree limbs falling on my roof. As a result, water leaked in my den. Their adjuster told me that the water was due to flooding and that I didn't have floode coverage. Flooding??? No water in my yard, no water puddles on my street, no water on the carpet closest to the window. Are you kidding me? I complained to my agent, a really nice guy who had another adjuster come out. This one told me that I waited too long to report the damages and now since the damage is old, they can't honor the claim. I'm suing them!! I don't want money from them, I just want a new roof. In the past 10 years, I've paid them enough to have 10 roofs.
If you're in need of homeowner's insurance, don't use STATE FARM they're a rip-off
N  5th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Bad move going to Allstate. They're almost as bad.
N  17th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have a 1973 43ft cruiser insured by state farm. On jan5th 2010 it sank part way, I found the boat sinking. I purchaced a pump and pumped it out and saved the boat. The insurance company doesnt want to pay anything, they think that i tried to sink the boat. I said then why did I save it? no answer. I repeatedy told them that electrical systems were going bad one by one. Well on dec 13th of 2010 she finally gave up the ghost and sank completely due to failing electrical systems from the first sinking. State farm told me to file another claim. NIce huh, I spent aprox 3500.00 since the boat sank the first time till now on insurance (state Fraud Ins.) electric and dockage. That a lot of money for me and I didn't even get to enjoy the boat a bit. If anyone else has had this same problem with them, Plaese contact me and let me know. I have a great atty. that would like to end this problem for good Thanks John figjam98@aol.com
D  26th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
My claim was just denied for a plumbing leak under my foundation. The leak was traced to a sewer line under the toilet in the middle of my house. I noticed something wrong when I started seeing cracks in the sheetrock in the area of the bathroom, and halls nearby. I called a foundation company to inspect the damage thinking it was a foundation problem, but the engineer told me it was the result of a water leak under the foundation, and once it is repaired, the cracks will close back up. I contacted my State Farm agent with the problem and opened a claim. The adjuster was a very poor example of what an adjuster should be, and didn't even show as he was said he would do when the plumbers arrived. All throughout the process (a couple of months) he was pretty useless. In talking to my neighbor, he informed me he had been a State Farm customer for years, the same thing happened to him, and his claim was denied as well, but ended up taking them to arbitration, and won. Immediately after that, he dumped State Farm. He told me they would deny my claim as well, but I found it hard to believe since I had been a customer for over 30 years with State Farm. Well, he was right, and the engineer was right. The cracks have closed back after the leak was fixed as the engineer said, and State Farm denied my claim as my neighbor said they would. Just last week, I received the denial letter in the mail. The adjuster failed to call me prior to that as he said he would do. I told him I would be out of town and specifically told him to call my cell phone, which he never did. Instead, I returned home only to find the denial letter. I called my agent, who also failed to return my call as she said she would. It was very clear to me that I had become just another number with State Farm. As a result, I just dumped ALL my business with State Farm, and will do all in my power to persuade others to leave State Farm, and spread the word to those looking for coverage, to go elsewhere. I am a business professional, and thought they were a professional company, but found I was wrong. Personally, It's hard to say which company is good since they are in the business to make money, not pay claims. The moral to this story is, don't use an established agent because they are too busy with personal matters, and loose sight as to who pays their salaries. My agent has a new, high dollar office which should have been a red flag. She didn't go to battle for me as I thought she would. My mistake! Be cautious when searching for insurance, and by all means, stay away from State Farm.

bill 925
A  28th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
That sucks Bill! I know how frustrating that is. I had the same situation happen to me with another insurance carrier. I live in California and unfortunately, it is industry standard now to deny a water loss that originates outside the dwelling. There is not much your agent could have done in this situation. Years ago, insurance companies covered everything in a water loss. Now, the loss must originate within the confines of the dwelling and be a sudden and accidental burst of water. And, the company will only pay for ensuing damage of the water. They will not cover replacement of pipes, etc.
N  15th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
One day I was driving my 4th generation Z28 Camaro when I got caught in a storm. The water was getting high and I had no where to pullover (back roads) I went through a dip in the road, water got into my intake and the car hydrolocked and threw a rod through the side of the block. I called state farm explained what happened and they told me to take it to a shop. About a week later the adjuster looked at the car and said there were no signs of water damage because there were cobwebs up under the car and the k&n air filter was dry. A week had gone by and it was about 85 degrees every day. The mechanic even said it appeared to be water damage because there was about 8oz of water in the intake manifold. State Farm called that water "just condensation". I asked state farm what I should do, they told me to have the engine torn down to look for the water damage. The rep on the phone even said "by this time if there was water damage it should be found as rust by now. I then found a different shop to do the repairs because they quoted me far less. I had the car towed there and that mechanic too said the damage appeared to be water damage. They preformed a tear down of the engine, and found that the #8 cylinder had in fact hydrolocked and even still had water in it as well as a considerable amount of rust. State farm looked at this then called me and said "the damage does not appear to be related to the water and rust found in the cylinder". They had not answer for me when I asked what they thought caused the failure, since wear and tear was ruled out by both of my mechanics and water damage was ruled out by state farm. I will never go with state farm again and will encourage all others covered by them, even if it is not auto to drop them.
I have attached what state farm describes as not water damage.
N  15th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
A dip in the road does not mean river. When the water is rising around your car I guess you would just leave it to be completely submerged and be a total loss instead of a destroyed engine. Shure I guess you are smart enough.

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