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I will never fly with these guys ever again!! This was the worst experience in my life. Spirit Airlines wants only your money and you'll have to pay extra for everything! That was the most uncomfortably flight you can imagine.
When I arrived at the airport and went to check in they said that I need to pay for it. I was shocked. They said that online check in is free but at the airport you have to pay for it. Well, I had no other choice so I paid. Then there was another surprise when they said that I have to pay for my hand luggage. What? I had a small backpack and they said that I had to pay for it! Are you kidding me?? These money hungry monsters - I hate them! The worst ever!

Aug 26, 2016
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  • Nk
      Dec 10, 2016

    Wrong wrong wrong.
    Online & the Kiosk (at the airport are free)
    Should you need assistance from someone to check you in yes they charge.

    How are you shocked? Spirit only tells you 4-5 times when buying the ticket that it costs money to check in with an Agent at the Airport.
    Again I'm sure your "small" backpack was a large rolling bag or something like that. A personal item is free anything over that you need to pay for it. Also again they advise you of this many times.

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  • Mo
      Jan 31, 2017

    @NKS310 Yes I agree they are the worst EVER. This past weekend was my last time ever flying them ever again. I paid 39.00 online for my bag to be checked in and then I had to pay a additional 60.00 again for my bag. The weight of my luggage came to 55.00 but since they don't take cash I had to use this position that they have created to make cash change into a card and that was a additional 5.00 so that made it 60.00. So, over all for my whole trip I paid 377.00. And then they charge for you water, soda, snacks and they charge your card then also. We will never travel Spirit Airlines ever again. I waited 2 hours for my flight in Ft, Lauderdale. I got there at 6 and my flight was taking off at 8:30 I got to my gate at 8:27. I felt like O J Simpson running through the airport. My boyfriend and I travel back and forth at least twice a month but we decided to try Spirit out this time around. NOPE WON'T DO IT AGAIN. And not my luggage is stuck somewhere I can't get it and they are not answering the phone. YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST EVER!!!

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  • Mo
      Jan 31, 2017

    @Morgaqn The 60.00 was for luggage was going there and coming back.

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  • Gi
      Mar 27, 2018

    A class action case is currently pending in Federal Court. Cox v. Spirit Airlines. The law firm handling the case: Hermina Law Group, 301-776-2003.

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