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Spirit Airlines / 2 return flights canceled and not covering our lost flight charges

1 Miramar Florida, United States
Contact information:

My name is Lee W Collins Jr on Nov26 2018 I bought 2 round trip tickets for me and my wife Toy L Collins these 2 tickets round trip cost me $963.52. Departure date was Dec 19 2018 at 6:11pm with a return trip on Dec24 2018 at 6:00am. When we arrived at 5 in the morning when we arrived the counter agent with Spirit told us that Priceline had canceled our tickets and they couldn't explain why. By the time all this was discovered we couldn't have made that flight even if there had been seats available. They then told us we would have to buy tickets to go home that day Christmas Eve and that there weren't any seats available till late that evening and we should try another airline. Southwest sold us 2 tickets for that day and time for$975.00 one way. When we get back I call Priceline and they tell me Spirit actually canceled our flights and canceled my tickets and that they didn't know why maybe overbooking. So they transfer me by 3 way calling to Spirit the first guy David says then that someone logged into Spirits website and that I had credit for the amount of those 2 flights being canceled. When i asked who did it he said he couldn't tell me who but obviously someone with my information. I told him that wasn't possible from my end because nobody had my information and why would they cancel and not try to get the money or credit. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and a lady named Ey (yea right) went over same information with her and she tells me there is NOTHING they can do but credit my account for the 2 flights not used. I then asked again for another supervisor and Joshua was out on the phone. We go over the same information for the 3rd time and he says the computer showed someone logged onto the Spirit site and canceled my tickets. Since I didn't access any computers while in Puerto Rico explained it couldn't have been me. Then he says Priceline did it. First off WHY would they. We go back and forth and his final offer was to reimburse me for my price of the 2 return tickets minus a $250 fee for canceling them even though I didn't cancel them. He then says all he was willing to offer even though I had to spend $975 to get home the day I had originally scheduled and contracted with you to do. So at this point I am out $963.52 with your airline for round trip tickets you didn't fulfill another $975 with another airline to get home on time. Plus all the lies back and forth that your agents have told me. This has been the worst BS experience and customer service I have ever had to deal with. At this point I either want the full $963.52 I paid Priceline for your tickets or my $975 I paid Southwest and want this reimbursed to my bank account and 2 round trip tickets to Puerto Rico with a time of my choosing. Or if you don't want to reimburse my bank account with cash I want 8 round trip tickets to Puerto Rico with a date and time of my choosing and I can let other family members use my credits. Call me [protected] or email a response to [protected] . Thanks Lee Collins

Dec 26, 2018

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