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Date of incident 11/21/217
Flight 5862 departure 12:20 pm from Dallas/Love Field to Albuquerque, arrive time 1:10 pm
Confirmation #N7KI3E/Carolyn M. Stewart/Assistance Requested (on ticket)

My connecting flight from Memphis (788) was somewhat late, I did get wheel chair assistance to get to my gate which was far away. They were already boarding when I arrived at gate, rushing, wheeled to door. I chose first available open seat in front due to disability. The first, second seat, mother and special needs child. I asked if anyone sitting at the window seat on that row, the mom said no, I sat down, getting situated. The mom stated to me"she does kick and move around sometimes", in return stated" I had no problem with this, I worked in public health, accustomed to special needs patients". Meantime, I needed assistance with my belt;my right side arm/ leg is a little weaker than left side. I saw the child's mom go and speak to the female/white/dark hair, flight attendant, I could see her waving her hands around as she spoke, as if there was something wrong. The flight attendant immediately(didn't get her name, too shocked) asked me if I could move to another seat, no reason given, I just assumed that the mom didn't want anyone next to the child, if they didn't have to, so other passenger would be comfortable. The flight attendant didn't really offer at first to find me a seat, lucky there was one across the isle, front row, but I had to step across another person with a foot boot, that needed assistance. I sat next to the window seat on the right side of the plane, first row, and could not fasten my belt. My right side is weaker, could not hold and snap at same time. My first flight from Memphis, no problem because I sat on the left side of the plane, used my left arm to snap belt, no problem. Mind you, asked for assistance from the flight attendant, on this flight 5862, asking if she could snap in place while I held the belt part with my left hand. She immediately went and got the seat extender, I did not ask for that, just for her to snap safety belt in place. This embarrassed me. Mind you this was a full flight, passengers looking, why is she being moved to another seat, then the attendant gets this belt like I was too big to fit in a seat. I had no problem on the first flight, needed no extender!!! The real problem and question I have is...why? I had the feeling that she knew I was offended in one way or another, and true I am. My disability is just as important to me, just want to be comfortable like everyone else without the embarrassment. I should have asked then if the parent or her ( the attendant) had a problem with me in any way; this was a full flight, not to cause problems, I left it alone not to cause a scene. I was not given a reason, just can you move, I have a disability too. The child's mother seemed to be the overbearing, hyped -up type. She was speaking to passengers as they were boarding, bringing attention to herself and child that could not speak; she appeared to have MS/Torretts syndrome, because she had uncontrollable movements, but not to the point whereas, no other passenger could sit next to her. The
mother actually started making conversation with a parent that had 2 small children. The children were staring, they were just kids. This lady made the statement to the parent and children that "we don't bite" and in a sarcastic, and smart mouth manner said "boo!!!" to the children. The parent did not like this at all and said something to her. I knew this lady was off her rocker to do something like this to little kids waiting to board. Upon arrival, when the plane landed, passengers getting things from the overheard, there was a white, female passenger sitting in the same seat I was asked to get out of, and the mom was just as comfortable with this because she was laughing and talking, excessively, where she could be heard. She and this lady were talking, conversating, etc. So what was the real problem here? Unprofessianlism from your staff, the flight attendant. First a passenger is asked to move, no reason given. Secondly, this young lady jumped to conclustion that I needed an extender for my belt, I am a plus size woman, not a Sumo wrestler. Never, ever encountered stupid stuff like this embarrassed. Put yourself in my place, plus size Black woman asked to move out of her seat ( with a disability) to another not reason given and when asked for assistance to just snap the belt in place while I held it, she just turned, went and got and extender as if it was needed, I didn't ask for it due to the mere fact, I did need it on last plane, didn't need it on this one. Overall, I was angry and embarrassed once I realize what had really happened here. The mother of the special needs child did not want me sitting next to her child for one or both of the reasons, Black and/or plus size person. Now I want answers. I don't want to get ugly, this is how I was felt. Never had a problem with Southwest, but this was out of the ordinary, and nothing else can sugar coat the situation. I kept my cool deboarding, but I did make sure this attendant saw the look on my face, positive she got the vibes that this was not good. She was very unprofessional by the mere fact that she granted this hyper lady whatever she want, right away, using her special needs kid to get what she wanted. There was no regard to my thoughts, never even asked a question, this was a full flight so the parent was aware, as I was, so this was a chance she took, don't single me out for this obviously racist, prejudice lady, your employee went right along with it. I was supposed to be so stupid not to have smarts enough to know when I have been unfairly treated, in a gentle, but ignorant way. I didn't act foolish as some passengers probably would have, I decided, after speaking to my family to do just I am doing now...Let Southwest Airlines Customer Service aware the experience, and let them rectify the situation. I am pissed, and want answers. Requesting a desirable resolution of my complaint. Email address, [protected], phone 901.921.0417, address 5515 Shakespeare Dr Apt 101, Memphis, TN. 38125

Nov 26, 2017

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