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Sony Vaio Computer / Refused to honor recall

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I have a Sony Vaio computer that had a power problem consistent with a recall they published online. After speaking with numerous Sony reps and going through their troubleshooting steps, we confirmed the failure and could not fix it. We also confirmed that it fell within their recall. I was then forwarded to a specific phone number with very limited hours of availability (never when I was available). I called several times but could never reach anyone. The Sony reps I could reach during my hours of availability said they couldn't help me. I asked for email, fax or letter contact with the other department, but they refused to assist me. This went on for months and I contacted several consumer agencies to mediate a solution. Sony refused to accommodate any of them, and they are still refusing to honor their recall and fix my computer. They have been essentially playing games in order to dissuade me from getting this computer fixed under their recall. I used to be a loyal Sony customer, but I plan never to buy any Sony product again as a result of this situation (and the fact that their quality has gone down the tubes over the years). My letters to the corporate office of Sony were ignored. Sony obviously is not concerned about customer service.

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  • El
      29th of Mar, 2011
    Sony Vaio Computer - contracted service people?
    United States

    My daughters Vaio hard drive crashed, and all of her school work was lost. She bought this computer in Sept of 2010, and crashed in Feb of 2011. She contacted Sony service and they were going to send out a technician to switch out the hard drive. He finally called to set up an appointment for that day! She couldn't do it, and he asked about Monday. She told him she was in class until after 1:30pm, and then he swore and said fine, monday at 2 and hung up on her.She told me what happened and how he was so rude to her. Today is monday, and he showed up at 12! When she came home from class with a friend (not to be alone in the house with a strange repair man), he phoned her (after 2) and she didn't recognize the number and didn't answer. She did call back and he told her he was out and she wasn't here and he was sending the parts back to sony. I called him and asked what happened and he lied and said the appointment was for 12 and she wasn't here. He then told me he tried to call her but "IF SHE WOULD ANSWER HER PHONE!" ETC. Then he told me he was doing her a favor. That sony told him to close out the ticket. After about the third time he said he was doing her a favor, I lost it and told him it was not a favor, it was his job! He also told me that he had taken pictures of our house!!! Now how creepy is that? When I called sony to complain, they asked what company did he work for? He did not state a company, but shouldn't sony know who they are sending out? So now we have to wait another 4-6 days for sony to set up an appointment. Meanwhile my complaint will just be attached to her service ticket, and I may not even get a call on it! I am going to take this further. Taking pictures of our house makes us feel violated, and now we are all uncomfortable.

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  • Tr
      29th of Mar, 2011

    First off it sounds like the tech. was either a freak or just trying to prove he was at your house. I would personaly like to think it was him proving he was at your house. Yes big companies contract out minor repair's by placing the job on a board so then a smaller local company will take the job so Sony would be blind to who is comming out to your house. They could track it down and find out who it was if they wanted but were probly to lazy to do it.
    I have a question for you; How did you come to know the hard-drive crashed? The reason I ask is sometimes it is simple as the MBR (Master Boot Reacord) missing and it can be very easly fixed. Also if your hard drive is bad you can recover the data and depending on the Sony's external ports you recover your own data so as not to loose the information. Most newer laptops have an external SATA ports to connect your old hard to with a SATA cable, maybe if the tech gets there he will do this for you. None the less you will need your old hard-drive if you want to save your data.

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  • Fo
      30th of Jun, 2011
    Sony Vaio Computer - faulty goods
    Harvey Norman.
    New South Wales

    Everything I buy from Harvey Norman is Faulty. I got a new computer...hard disc failed within the first three months. Took it in for repair, lost it for a week and therefore lost a lot of work. I've had it back one week and now the operating system has failed. One expects to buy a new computer and have it working properly for at least 12 months. I would never buy anything from Harvey Norman again. I now have to take it back in for repair and will lose it and more work for another week. They are disgusting.

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