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Guru Complaints & Reviews /

Jun 08, 2018

I occasionally contract with and/or As part of the process to become even a nonpaying member, they ask you to provide your SSN and usually ask you to provide a W9- as would an employer. However, they are not an employer. If I do work for you through, what you... / Rare job postings there

Nov 17, 2016

Hi, I suspect from a job that I applied to. I had to run a program (.exe), and enter some things inside, avoiding errors. But the program could not run for some problem in the system. I was free from that. But I felt for another rare job. Salary was max 38/hr. When I applied for that...

Guru / Accounting / Payment Practices Credit Card Verification Fee

Jun 01, 2016

Hadn't used Guru in years but needed a specific IT specialist so posted a job ad. Most of the profiles seemed completely without merit but in the end I found one person out of hundreds and hundreds that submitted that actually worked out.. here is the problem... When I went to pay the...

Guru / Fake portfolios!

Mar 30, 2016

Guru is terrible! That was the worst experience ever! I joined this site and hired a person. I was charged, but the person never completed his duties. So they basically took my money and I never received what I paid for. This website is full of fake portfolios and employees! I'm so...

Guru / Guru is not safe

Jan 21, 2016

I asked someone from China to build my website. But the person never completed his work and the website was really horrible. But he also kept me as a financial hostage. He convinced me to pay him early each step saying most of the work was done. I actually paid the whole amount, but I...

Guru / Did not pay

Jan 04, 2016

Hi Guru Support Team, I was hired by an employer on Guru dated 20th Dec, 2015. I wrote approx 10+ articles and share them via Skype. I agreed upon the agreement that was shared by the client on Guru but client asked me not to select "Auto Payment Terms". As per his comments, he said... / Bad services & Bad quality

Feb 10, 2015

Following GURU.COM statement is all B.S and lies. ("Pay Only For A Job Well Done. Payment is simple and fast once you’re satisfied with the finished product. Use Safe-Pay for a risk-free guarantee. You pay us and we pay the freelancer only after you approve the work. It’s a... / Failure to help Employer with a dispute

Jul 12, 2014

I used to hire a freelancer. I paid the freelancer 3, 000.00 for the first website, everything was fine. The company was hosting the website. A year later, I hired the same company They designed another website for me, for another 2... / Unethical

Jun 11, 2014

Guru is a site I used one time and will never use again. Anyone doing their research about, be very careful. You do not get legitimate reviews about the freelancers for hire, as the freelancers have the ability to "block" reviews. I hired a top recommended freelancer (Clicksy... / Frozen Account

Jul 08, 2013

I am an employer on and I used to have my projects done. I sent payment every time using my credit card and also using my paypal account I even made my verification first time when i paid an invoice on guru. They suspended my account and reopened only after they have made the... / We will NEVER use them again

Jan 09, 2013

We did a project with a graphical designer for a shirt design, but the designer never delivered. However, assigned the escrow money to the designer. It is fatal for the trust of a website to touch the escrow money - we will NEVER use them again. We have using eLance for years with... / allows coders to block negative feedback

Jul 25, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know we lost 1000.00 on to a coder that lacked integrity. The most shocking thing was the fact that allowed the coder, who they knew failed to uphold the project agreement and lacked integrity. This is the email that was posted by a manager...

Guru / Scam

Apr 06, 2011

I lost nearly $1, 000, after a projected estimated at 4 weeks, took SIX MONTHS, and still wasn't nearly complete. I disputed with who had my money in escrow, and they still awarded the money to the developer even though the site wasn't functional. I provided 10 example... / Beware


They've been pissing on so many people I've taken the time to make them a special little website : Don't fall for their ****. / Do NOT trust! Stacy Norman, about whom there is another complaint here, canceled my service provider account on one fine day after a somewhat deranged former client decided that he wanted my services for free. On, employers post freelance projects they want...