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I was mistreated at Sonic located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ- I felt that the security guard singled me out b/c I was ASIAN!!!

On June 28th, 2009, my husband and I decided to visit Sonic located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. We were so excited b/c we always wanted to try Sonic and get the service at the car spot. The wait to go into the Sonic parking took us about 50 minutes, there was a police officer there to assist with the traffic since it was off of one of the major Highway. As soon as we got into the line waiting for the parking spot, we were told by this big security guy named "Dave" that we had to use the drive thru. We explained to him calmly that we waited on the long line to experience the "sonic car spot" service. He tells us that he was told from the inside that people had to start using the drive thru, so we had to move to that line. He wouldn't give me a choice to wait on the line for the car spot, so we moved to the drive thru. The car right behind us got into the same argument but that guy to stay on the line!!! I got angry so I got out of my car and ask to speak to Manager to one of the girls that work there.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hasbrouck Heights, NJAs I waited for the manager to come out, I was literally shaking b/c of what had happen to me. I looked around, and there wasn't any Asian working there or even there for the service. The big security guard comes to me, all I said was I want to talk to you manager, and he had the nerve to get the police officer monitoring the traffic!!!
The office made us leave, so I yelled to the security guard "Dave" YOU ARE ONE RUDE PERSON! Then turned around. I saw that the manager was standing out side so when I started to go to him, the officer told me to leave again. The manager didn’t even ask me if anything was wrong but walk back inside. I didn’t even get to talk to the manager and when I got home to call the corporate office- all they did was take down the compliant and said someone will get back to me. It’s been three weeks already. I have not received any calls from either Sonic or the corporate office. I have been telling everyone I know not to visit any of the Sonic. I felt humiliated when they told me to leave. I felt that they were racist towards me because I was Asian and I was singled out to go through the drive thru without a choice to remain on the car spot line.
I would never ever go to Sonic- and I hope everyone in the world knows how rude and unprofessional they are.

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  • Fr
      Jul 15, 2009


    I felt compleded to write a response to this, I am not affliated with Sonic nor are any of my relatives, I understand and do sympathize with your problem. But the simple fact is Sonic on RT 17 has been a mad house since the day it opened. NO ONE Working there not even the cops that are directing traffic were prepaired fully for the madness that Sonic has created and the Sonic Craze over a fast food burger.. Btw I had Sonic twice and I would take a good McDonalds Big mac over a sonic burger any day of the week... Sonic does have some banging shakes though.. But back to my point, I work in the club business sometimes when we reach legal capacity we have to turn people away and make them wait in long lines.. it really does suck, pardon my french but what else can you do? If you dont want to wait try going there when they first open or earlier in the day. But as it stands right now that Sonic on 17 is total chaos and I heard today that a cop got hit by a car, now I dont know any of the details of the story.. But a cop allegedly was struck by a car on rt 17, I dont know if that person was trying to go to Sonic or if it was a direct result of Sonic, but one thing is for sure... If there wasnt this hoopla and craze over Sonic, this would have never happened...

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  • Br
      Jul 17, 2009

    You were not discriminated against because you are Asian - you were directed to do something within reason on someone else's property and you got angry. You want to blame anyone and everyone you can and the first thing you can think of is racism. 50 minutes for the "Sonic Experience?' I could care less what your nationality/race is - you strike me as a spoiled, inconsiderate person. The security guard is there for a reason - listen to him and follow the directions or leave. No one working there is Asian? So what? I've been to many Chinese Restaurants where the employees are ALL Asian and have had poor service - should I complain and say it's because I am of European descent? Dear Lord - it's a hamburger you ### - get over it!

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  • Sh
      Jul 31, 2009

    if it were you guys who went through what I did, I'm sure you would be thinking differently, or even pissed off at what happen.

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  • Do
      Oct 01, 2009

    Hold on there cowboy! cowgirl! or cowperson! I don't think the fact that you were asian had anything to do with it. I have gone into some very good chinese restaurants and have never seen any blacks or whites employed there. But I believe that's good because it adds to the charm and ethnicity. The real deal, you know? But I don't think race is the issue. "I was literally shaking b/c of what had happen to me". Are you kidding? I think sometimes in life you need to pick your battles and this wasn't one to be causing a ruckus over. The only humiliation in this situation is that of what you brought on to yourself. It will take some soul searching and a few glimpses into the mirror to figure that one out. The security guard was only telling you what the powers that be on the inside was telling him what to do. Getting out of your car presented a danger because if it was crowded as you say it was, you put yourself in danger of possible getting hit by a car or whatever. How is security going to know that you aren't some crazed lunatic (and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors)? After all, it was kind of crazy to wait 50 minutes for a Sonic car spot "experience"? I would like to assure you that you did not miss anything. Nope! The food was HORRIBLE when I went and not anything that I would wait for. It's not like in the good ole' days when you placed your order and they would bring a tray out to you with the grub on it and you could help yourself. The place doesn't even trust you with the trays. You place your order, they bring it out to you and hand the stuff to you. Kind of like if you ordered it through the drive through. The only difference is that you are parked in a parking slot and some employee walks your order out to you and not paper bags like a take out order. Trust me, you will be able to find a spot once the novelty wears off and it will. That's only if you want to go back. Really! How long would you have waited for a sonic experience?

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  • Tu
      Dec 04, 2009

    I think u are blowing ur experience out of proportion! Race had absolutely nothing to do with it. U say it's because u are asian. Asian meaning indian or asian meaning oriental? The police officer that was run over at that Sonic was hit by an asian (oriental) guy because he wanted to force his way into Sonic but the cop wouldn't let him due to overcrowding. The "asian" got angry, hit the cop with his car, and took off. Come to think of it, maybe that "asian" was u, trying to get retribution for the wrong that was done to u in your sick, twisted mind!

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