Sonic Drive-IN / time it took to take order, messed up on order, food was not up to standards, and took for ever to receive food

Chouteau, United States

My sister and I was going to the sonic in chouteau, oklahoma for lunch at a 11.39AM. And when we got there we pushed the red button and it took about 10 to 15 minutes for a worker to take order and the workers seemed very relaxed and childish running around, screaming, and laughing. Well my sister ordered a five piece chicken strips and a small ocean water and I ordered the number 12 that came with chicken strips, tater tots, onion rings, Texan toast, and a small side of gravy with a medium ocean water. Well about 15 minutes later I realized that we are about the only customers there besides 3 others and the person next to us who's been there longer than us. 20 minutes later the person next to us is getting very irritated and speeds out of there without he's food. At that time I'm thinking I already invested to much of my life and this food better be life changing good but I was mistaken. When the food finally showed up 10 minutes later it was just my food and drink that got brought out then we had to go thru that whole ordeal 10 minutes to get a hold of a worker 20 minutes to get the rest of our food we paid for and well we had to just eat on the way to Tulsa so we wouldn't be as late with meeting our mother. My sister's food was to her satisfaction and well my was not the same the first thing I noticed there was a lot of tater tots, one raw onion ring, two chicken strip, and one piece of toast and it tasted so gross I couldn't even finish it all in all I think 3 three five year olds playing restaurant could make something better and in half the time.

Sep 14, 2017

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