Sonic Drive-IN / the manager at the sheridan, arkansas location.

Sheridan, AR, United States Review updated:

The manager, Whitney at the Sheridan, Arkansas lication should have been fired a long time ago. She is cheating and taking advantage of her staff, including secondary managers and emoloyees. She is cutting hours and money off thier paychecks, decides to cut money out of thier tips whenever she decided she needs to, won't provide pay stubs to verify the pay rate and hours they should be getting, and she tells these teenagers they are "crew leaders" and will be making $9.50 an hour but never actually gives them the raise. So, you have all these kids thinking they are being paid to take on more responsibility and in reality she is working them like puppets and cheating them all out of money. It's very shady that Sonic doesn't provide it's employees with check stubs of any kind, so the employess can see they are being paid the right rate and hours. This woman will continue to do this as she has for years until someone calls her out and exposes her. She is awful at her job. In every way. Inventory. Scheduling. Hiring. Etc. No, I am not a ex disgrunteled employee either. Never worked thier. However, I live in Sheridan and our Sonic is truly awful and it starts with her. I will keep on exposing her and talking about this Sonic and it's cheating, crooked manager until something is done. Those kids do NOT deserve to be cheated that way.

Oct 21, 2017
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      Oct 21, 2017

    I would like to retract my following statement. You see I only posted this in anger and most of this is not true. Now I am being threatened with termination for shedding my employer in a negative way on social media all because I was written up because I did not show up for work as scheduled simply because I told them I would not make it. They told me no, that I had to show up however I did not. So I was written up, and I posted this in retaliation.

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