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Yesterday at about 5:10 pm I went to clock out from my shift and one of the managers stated " you must wait to clock out until someone tells you, I have to make sure you stocked up you station" I replied " OK! I'll wait but I always stock my station.” she said " well you didn't yesterday!" I stated that I had been off for the past two days so she clearly had me confused! She continued to go back n forth about how sure she was that it was me. I said okay well when I come in here at 8 am and have to stock up everything then whose wrong? She caught an attitude and stated don't expect many more hours and asked me to leave, I left. Today at about 9 am I was called and terminated by the general manager who is also her husband. I am only complaining because I made sure I came to work everyday! And completed my job to its full extent and I feel I was only let go because of our disagreement. Its plenty of children who work here who do not do what they are supposed to making my job 10x harder when opening the store. Trying to car hop, set up stations, prep and take orders in the morning is a lot to fall all on one person. I just feel like my side of the story was not heard and they get away with a lot of unfair behavior because they are in charge together. Also my hours had already been cut after my last check because he stated my check was too big and looked like a managers check. His wife will be scheduled to car hop and still receive her manager pay at the same time and keeps her tips to me this too is unfair to the young car hops who only make 3.25 an hour already. I refuse to give any sonic my business anymore because of this here.

Mar 30, 2016
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  •   Jul 15, 2016

    Sounds like she was embarrassed you proved her wrong and wanted you gone out of spite. Unfortunately, people are like that. Unless the manager is the owner, I don't think husband and wife should be working together like that.

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