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To whom cam assist,

I visited your Westside Jacksonville FL location 6350 103rd St Jacksonville, FL 32210  today at 3:30pm to enjoy a meal with my family and it turned in turmoil. When we got to the location we noticed that it took us over thirty minutes to order. When I stopped one of the car hops to ask why they weren't answering the speakers he stated they were short staffed and some one would answer shortly.  Me having worked at sonic before its fast food  and I know every sonic normally has great services , I just prepared for the wait. So when our food got delivered it wasn't on a tray nor did I get a receipt. Then notice my family order was wrong we asked for a number 3 with no onions we got number 1 with bacon. so when I stopped our car hop and advise him of the mistake and asked him if he wanted the incorrect burger back he said no and said he would come right back. I continued to feed our children and wait when 20 mins past I relies the car hop not only walked past my table three time he didn't correct my order. When I proceed to ask him when was the corrected burger coming he stated I needed to speak with the manger. so now that its been over 20 minutes later I'm frustrated, I proceed to speak with the shift manager explaining my issue. The manager who claimed him name is Henry Jones(after asking about 3 employee's and him over 7 times what is his name when he became unprofessional)stated he need the other food back, which was fine however I explained that he and his employee are saying two different thing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jacksonville, FLHe then stated the car hop is overexerted and didn't know the correct procedures but he would get the matter resolved, so my brother in-aw return the incorrect food and I explained to him I understood everyone at that current time is over work and they are short staffed but that doesn't mean treat the customer any kind of way and extend the pressure THEIR feelings on to customers to get them out of their face. so I returned the old burger back and waited on a new burger. The manager come back with the corrected burger but as he put the brown bag on the table he stated with his finger pointing at me" I don't have to help you  if you yell at me ever again", I stated "are you really going to threaten a customer". My sister and her husband ask him why was he a manager saying any of this. I proceed to ask for him name over 7 times letting him know I was going to report him he refuse even after asking a young lady employee what his name was and district manager name was no one would give me his name and the district manger name.  Finally when I walked to the door and pushed it opened I asked for his name again. When I told him I was calling corporate he finally wrote his name down which I believe was not real information and stated he was calling the police. No one was wearing visible name tags (I have never seen this done before at any sonic). So I waited on the office to show up and spoke with the officer about this issue however since it was a civil issue it was nothing the office could do. The officer  advise and my family to raise awareness of the issue with the company cause he was sure sonic wouldn't have tolerance this behavior from any manager or employee. I want to end this email by saying I have never ever experience anything  like this at any of sonic locations I have visited and never expected to. I normally spend my time writing about great customer services however this is an exception and out of 12 or 14 times I go to sonic through out the year I am thinking I can say if this is allowed I won't be returning another one again.

May 11, 2017

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