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Sonic Drive-In / customer service

1 New Orleans, LA, United States

Today I went to Sonic, on Airline Highway in Metairie, LA, to pick up my boyfriend and I a quick lunch. I ordered the food and waited for quite a while until it finally came. I asked the girl if she was sure the order was correct so that I didn't have to come back. She said I could check to see if it was and that they woukd correct it if not. Sure enough, I ordered my boyfriend a peanut butter shake and she brought vanilla. I buzzed the button and once again waited. After a while someone responded. I explained that they brought the wrong shake and she told me the correct one would be out there shortly. I waited...and waited. Finally I got out of the truck and went to the door with the wrong shake to see if it was ready. She said she would bring it to me when it was ready. I told her that by that time the food would be cold and that I just wanted a refund for the entire order. She said fine. I told her to take the food and she said to throw it in the nearby trashcan. I decided that since they were going to throw it away I'd bring it to the homeless guy that hangs out by the Walmart store being I had to drive right passed him to get home. So about 10 minutes later a manager and the employee come out and show me a paper with what was supposed to be my refund, but she said she could not give me a copy of the receipt. I took a look at it and it only had refunded the shake. And then I said that her employee told me to throw the food in the trash and you are only refunding the shake?? Then the girl says you didn't throw it you put it back in your truck. So I got the food that I was going to bring the homeless guy and brought it to the table by the door. I told her I wanted a copy of the FULL refund and I was not leaving until I got it. I went back and sat in my truck and the manager threw the food that I was going to give the homeless guy into the trash can. I waited and one came with my receipt. I buzzed the button and they said it was coming...still nothing. Finally I laid on the horn and a man sitting at a table says something to the girl...and she said very loudly, "she'll be gone soon, I've called the police." So I buzzed the button again and thanked them for calling the police because not providing a receipt when it is asked for is likely going to go in my favor and "I had no plans to leave without proof of my refund"...especially after she threw the food in the trash. Had they been nice to me about it, I may have just sucked up the refund and gone away dissatisfied. But instead, I left pissed off after over an hour ordeal and never to return to Sonic again. EVER! And to think I gave that ungreatful child a three dollar tip for NOTHING BUT [censored]. She goes home with my money, I have to go somewhere else for lunch, and Sonic throws food that can feed hungry people in the trash.

Aug 19, 2018

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