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To who it may concern,

My name is Casey, I have been a loyal Smith's pharmacy customer for the past 4 years at your store in Las Vegas on the corner of Ann rd and Decatur. A few months ago I had a run in with another customer there who yelled at me and told me to back off as I was waiting patiently in line to pick up my prescriptions. I simply ignored the man and took a small step backwards. He still proceeded to call me out and refer to me as a "jew" alongside other things. At that point I completely lost my cool and yelled at him. The pharmacist stepped in and started to handle the situation with the rude man. That situation completely ruined my day. I had just come out of church and my day was going good. The pharmacy explained to me he was a problematic customer and that people like him have no right to treat anyone like that. A few months go by and I pick up my monthly prescription again and ask the pharmacy what became of that rude man and they told me that they had tried to get rid of this man from the store and that the store manager only helped him come back by giving him free groceries in gift cards after the fact they knew what happened and how he treated me. I could not believe what I was hearing. All the staff at this poor pharmacy has to deal with this every time the rude man comes in. The pharmacy proceeded to tell me more similar instances this rude man has had with other customers and with the pharmacy staff. They also informed me that Smith's "corporate office" ordered them to not turn down this rude mans prescriptions and that they were forced to serve him. You guys are unbelievable. They also told me he has been kicked out of other Smiths within the vicinity by the store managers there and they have no problem refusing him. But for some reason the store managers at this store like to allow other people to suffer because of him. I asked the pharmacy who this man was, but of course they couldn't tell me because of some law or something. I want to let you know I went home and cried that night because of him. I hope I never see this man on the street.

I originally switched all my prescriptions from CVS across the street from that Smiths because that Smiths offered awesome service and they truly are a good pharmacy who takes care of their customers. next month when I pick up my groceries, I am going to ask the pharmacy if that man is still there and if he is, I am changing pharmacies. and you will be losing a great customer. I do all my shopping there, but as long as this rude man continues to fill at that Smiths pharmacy and treat other customers and the pharmacy staff with disrespect, I can't support a company that allows such a thing and will be going elsewhere. I will be telling all my friends and family of this and urge them not to do business with your company anymore for making me go through hell that day and making that pharmacy go through hell. I am sure Walmart or Albertsons has no problem kicking out ungrateful people and supporting all their other customers.

Casey Sterling

Oct 24, 2018

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