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Hi All,
Contract no:-2161511W

Please receive this email as a complaint of misrepresentation by your company by delivering and installing 3 double windows without vents, hence not as described by the sales representative on the day of his demonstration at my place in Loughton IG103TF
Hope to hear from soon as a matter of urgency.
Please note that this email(see below) was originally sent to the general manager, Mark Aynsworth but so far no reply.

Following our telephone conversation yesterday i am writing this letter to confirm what was said.
After the double glazing windows were installed by your employee my wife and myself realised that the windows did not have vents as specified by the sales representative when he attended our property for a demonstration of double glazing. The Sales representative had stated that by law all double glazing windows should have vents . He gave us a quote over £2000.00 for three windows which needed replacement.
On the Black Friday an offer was made by Smith's ltd to reduce the price to £1300.00 but only changing one of the glass from the window in the lounge. When we enquired how much it would cost for the whole window together with two other windows the salesman had quoted £1650 but eventually agreed for a round figure of £1600. At that point nothing was mentioned that these windows would not have vents.
The windows were installed on 22/4/17 and the balance of £1440.00 to Smithsltd.
Yesterday i have spoken to you about the vents missing from the windows and you pointed out the i had signed contract and that i would not be getting windows with vents and that you were not prepared to replace or repair the windows. Furthermore you completely dismissed me and refused to speak to the sales representative about the matter.
Well since then i have been in touch with the CAD and told that under the Consumer rights Act the windows are not as described by the sales representative and your company i.e that the windows would be fitted with vents according to new regulations.
I am offering you to either repair or replace the windows .
Could you please respond to this email within 7-10 days .

Please note that a copy of this email will be sent to the CAD, trading standards and the Ombudsman.


Poopalen Veragoo

May 02, 2017

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