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Smartstyle reminds me of lowlife telemarketers that scam people. They "forget" to mention you have to pay extra for things most salons don't charge for until you're facing the cashier. Adding conditioner while washing, blowdrying, and styling do not come with the "Wash & Cut" ad they promoted. I'm truly at a loss of words to describe how devastated I was to get home and see it! I had to dry my hair at home because I couldn't afford the extra charges. The length of my hair was originally at the middle of my back. I only wanted the layers trimmed. Now, it's barely to my shoulders. The layered look I wanted turned into a single, uneven layer that looks like a chin-length bob all around my head. The layer underneath the "bob" is longer, and very thin. It's the same appearance of Carol Brady's mullet look, only thicker. I can honestly say it's the worst haircut I have ever had. I'm so disappointed with the horrible mess the stylist made of my hair. It's embarrassing to go out in public now. I hate explaining what happened to my hair to others. Although some stylists are inexperienced, this one had nearly 15 years of experience. She ruined my hair and I had to pay for it. I can only hope that someone reads this before they have to pay for their own ruined hair. While awaiting my turn, many potential customers left because of the long wait. The stylists were swamped and cranky with each other and robot-like to customers. I will NEVER, I repeat: NEVER make that same mistake again! Total waste of money and time. Be warned!

Feb 26, 2013
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  • Fo
      Feb 26, 2013

    I have been going to SmartStyle for years and haven't had any problems. I don't have them shampoo my hair because it is too hard on my neck to lean back on the edge of the sinks. All they do is spray it with water from a bottle. I never have them blow it dry or put anything in it, because I know almost all salons charge extra for everything they do in addition to what you tell them you want. Even the two beauty schools in the town I live in charge for extras. I do know from experience that the salons that are privately owned don't charge extra for various things, and the chain type salons do.

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  • Ce
      Apr 15, 2013

    the sign says shampoo and cut...

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