Smart Style / hair color done and filthy location

Harvard, IL, United States

ticket 1== sale ID 11618 ==whiz pay id [protected]==Name Lynda Viles==Stylist Tatrina==501435 color -permanent / Demi= ref 4 U- $2 off service $45.50- minus $2.00 equals $43.50 gave tip $5.00. went to next location for bangs to be trimmed. my complaint I am 69 years old, Tatrina missed lots of grey hair. She never put color on all my hair so it looks blochy . second complaint the location Smartstyle, 21101 McQuire Rd, Harvard, Illinois 60033, [protected] Store # 14055, 6/09/2017, 12:06 p.m. The place is FILTHY. Store located in a Walmart Grocery Store. Floor filthy, dust every where, station are filthy, mirror had hair on it, hair all over the floor from last persons haircut. TaTrina never put a towel around my neck at time of washing out my haircolor. I was drenched all over my back, she had to blow dry my shirt because I told her I, m not walking thru store like that. either hire an outside company to clean the location or close down the place. Would like half refund because of the above. Thank you Lynda M Viles Lynda.[protected] 209 N. Hayes Strett, Harvard, Illinois 60033

Jun 12, 2017

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