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hair color, blowout

Regis Salons does not hold their stylists accountable for their actions. They allow their stylists to pocket cash and bad mouth unhappy clients. Apparently they also caused Chemical burns to one customer who had to be taken to the Emergency room via ambulance because of the same stylist who RUINED my hair way over processed this girls hair. Contacted their customer support on Dec 19, I was supposed to receive a call back... nothing...

hair color, blowout
hair color, blowout
hair color, blowout

work environment

Worked here almost three weeks management sucked and changing the drawer from $200 short to saying she done a paid in and forgot second night 10.58 short corrected computer again and next night asked a stylist closing with me to check and if it's short at close to correct it told SDL nothing was done! If I could do submit pictures I would stylist asleep in a chair over an hour! I used to manage before all this is theft! Sorry manager and SDL not doing a good job

work environment

medical leave, employment

I was employed by the Beautiful Group, Regis for over a year. Last year, I found out I had breast cancer and...


I have been a employee for almost a year. I was recruited by Regis when attending cosmetology school. It wa...

district sand regional managers

I'm a former employee I was basically forced to quit because of my district and regional manager. Six month...

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my management team

Over a month ago I requested from my manager the district leaders phone number, since she is not willing to...

management/ my entire service/ no reply from the district manager

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Kimberly Bechtel To: "[protected]" Sent...


I received a retouch service at the Regis Salon on 4/19, store #02028. My hair is black and the root touch up that was done was not black. It was a brownish color that didn't match my hair color. I am extremely displeased with the outcome. Additionally, I paid $147 for the total service. The stylist charged me:
Color retouch $69
Haircut shampoo conditioner $30
Shampoo & style flat Iron (I did not request this) $13
Conditioner-Intensity (I did not request this) $13
Color-extra long (she didn't color my hair at all) $22

To charge me for items that I did not receive or request is a serious issue and quite frankly fraudulent.

I requested my roots to be touched up (poorly done) and my hair trimmed. That was it.

I need this to be rectified.

I had to leave town that weekend and I'm just getting back in town.

Please reach me at+[protected] or via email brandee.[protected]

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.



I have been with The Regis Corp for 6 yrs. I was out sick and was wrongfully terminated by district manager...

Charlottesville Bad Business Partners

a staff member very rude

I was in Regis Salon today, 11/11/18, getting my haircut. I am a regular client of your stylist Cindi. As she...

can’t get product refund back

I bought a Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair in October 2018 at the River Valley Mall in Lancaster Ohio. The...

loss of money and terrible customer service

I have booked in a hair appointment for balayage weeks prior as I am going to be attending a wedding soon...

my wife's perm

Were are going on 2 and a half months now waiting for our refund that was submitted. My wife had her perm...

customer service related

I have been to Regis in the Oaks Mall a few times, this time I came in and was greeted by my stylist and the...

wilkes-barre, pa haircut incident

There was an incident at this place that involved a hair stylist. In this process, my glasses were scratched...

highlight and cut

I went to regis salon in the bowling green mall on may 26 to get my hair high lighted and cut. It was my...

hair cut/color

I went to my local Regis Salon, where I saw Loren, who has been cutting my hair for years. I have been trying...


This salon has completely gone downhill. I'm unsure as to what qualifications one needs to possess to become...


I contacted someone on the phone May 18th about a horrible experience I recieved. I was promised a phone call...

regis - northpark mall dallas, texas

April 16, 2018. Unbelievably rude service by Salma who acted like I was a nucience from the moment I walked...