Singapore Airlinesunfair compensation of damaged luggage

Flight itinerary:
Thu, dec 11, 2014
Flights: singapore airlines, sq 0957
from: jakarta cgk, indonesia (cgk) departs: 11:30am
departure terminal: terminal two
to: singapore, singapore (sin) arrives: 2:05pm
class: business
status: confirmed airline confirmation: 7lk5gd
meal: meal smoking: no
aircraft: boeing 777 jet distance (in miles): 557
duration: 1hour(s) and 35minute(s)

Thu, dec 11, 2014
Flights: singapore airlines, sq 0494
from: singapore, singapore (sin) departs: 3:05pm
departure terminal: terminal 2
to: dubai, united arab emi (dxb) arrives: 6:45pm
arrival terminal: terminal 1
class: business
status: confirmed airline confirmation: 7lk5gd
meal: meal smoking: no
aircraft: boeing 777-300er jet distance (in miles): 3635
duration: 7hour(s) and 40minute(s)

I am having a bad customer experience with singapore airlines during claiming my delayed an damaged luggage.
Firstly, during my transfer in singapore airport, a ground crew mentioned that they didn’t have time to transfer my luggage. thus, they left my luggage in singapore which was due to fly in the next flight which is only going to fly the next day and the same time. the ground crew mentioned as soon as i arrived in dubai i could ask singapore airlines to deliver the luggage with different airlines at the same day. i was bound to come in for work the next day so having my luggage at the same time would be ideal. however, when i arrived in dubai, the lost luggage claim basically could not send the luggage at the same day. they did not, at least show, that they tried to help me getting my luggage in the same day. the answer is just no, we can’t. i had to spend more than 2 hours in the lost luggage claim.
Secondly, my luggage arrived at 1 am on saturday, dec 12 which was more than 24 hours after my flight and it was damaged. i had a polo classic 29” luggage which was considerably new and rarely use.
Thirdly, the customer service who handled my luggage claim shows no good gesture in coming to a terms that will work both ways. instead, he just giving me options that works conveniently to singapore airlines instead of me. this is not what i expected from such an airline who claimed to have a good customer service especially when i had an expensive travel on business class.
I filed a complaint on my damaged luggage and singapore airline picked it up and claimed to repair it. a couple of days later, i received an american tourister bag without any notice before. singapore airlines did not give me any notice that they couldn’t repair it and didn’t consulted with me if an american tourister bag as a replacement will be ok for me. the replacement luggage was aed 285 ($70) almost half the price of my polo luggage.
I sent another email conveying my disappointment, and singapore airlines claimed that they could not find the brand in dubai – shocking. i requested to be compensated with a luggage that is at least the same price or not far off from my luggage. after weeks of exchanging email, singapore airlines basically does not want to accommodate any of my suggestions. instead the customer service, mostafa faried, basically gave me an ultimatum that i had to choose from one of the options they gave me. his options was:
1. new american tourister bag ( sister company of delsey ) plus service recovery voucher 100 sgd ( valid for one year ).
2. cash compensation usd 100 ( equivalent aed 360) .
3. transfer the case to jakarta so you can find same quality as your polo bag.
My thoughts on the options;
1. singapore airlines did not ask whether an american tourister bag worth of usd70 is ok for me as a replacement. they practically just wanted me to accept it while i do not want to accept something that worth half of my luggage. the voucher, as we all now, it is useless. i will never use it as i will not fly with singapore airlines anymore.
2. i checked in abu dhabi mall that most of the 29” luggage cost around aed 500. this means if i take the cash amount, i had to get a new luggage with addition aed 150 from my own money and i had to carry my luggage all the way to my hotel.
3. if singapore airlines dubai treated me this way, having the case transferred the case to jakarta will not make it any different. i would expect to be compensated with cheap luggage and i did not have time to handle this any longer.
I just want to be treated fair. i do not know why they do not want to accommodate my request to provide me with a replacement bag that is at least the same price or not far off from my luggage. this is simple. but my experience with mostafa farid, he did not give me any thoughts in accommodating my request, gave me an ultimatum, and treated me to the convenient of singapore airlines instead of trying to accommodate any of my request. i have not received any remorse or apologise from mostafa nor singapore airlines. this is not expected from singapore airlines who is said highly valued in their customer services.

Jan 10, 2015

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