Singapore Airlinesterrible tv problems on long haul flight

Dear Sirs

I have been a solitaire member for quite a few years ( [protected]) and traveled on SQ317 FROM London on 21st Sept..

Foe this flight I decided to try new Premier economy service as Sterling pound so weak currently.. just to see what its was like..

Firstly my first seat ( 35/k) I think it was, TV didn't work. Got moved to a centre aisle seat.. again that didn't work. Moved again to 3rd seat. While this worked, after one episode of anything the TV froze and had to be rebooted by a stewardess. I'm not a movie watcher so every time watched a half hour comedy, there had to be a reboot that took at least 15 minutes.. I'm pretty sure I had to get this done 10 plus times during flight but eventually stopped as I felt awkward and that it seemed like I was torturing your busy staff..

one of your senior staff gave me a voucher for 100 dollars SGD, but that doesn't compensate what was the most frustrating flight I have ever had with SQ

I was so annoyed I booked biz class for return flight on 28th from Jakarta and Singapore and this brought total bill to 4600 stg.. which I would have paid if I had just booked all business class in first place .. I realise this was my choice but honestly when you have a 14 hour flight starting at noon which makes sleep difficult I couldn't face prospect of the same technical problems again

I'm in Indonesia again in early March and feel like shopping around Thai, KLM and others..

Very disappointed..

Jan 31, 2017

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