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Shopper's Drugmart Pickering Town Center Branch / 95,000 optimum points vanishes and very rude employees

1 Pickering, Ontario, Canada

To whom it may concern,
Before anything else, everything i say in this letter is true to the best of my knowledge or memory. If the people involved says otherwise, i do have a witness to all of this. My friend is willing to testify as to what exactly happened. My friend accompanied me during the initial incident and will attest to everything that happened. Thank you.
Let me go back to when this all started. Last July 20th, 2015 (Sunday), I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, Pickering Town Center Branch to purchase sun-block and hand lotion. I approached a Sales Associate named Nicholas for assistance and he was kind enough to suggest brands and actually showed me the exact isle where I could get some. I checked and looked but I could not decide what sun block was the best. So naturally, the woman in me decided to just consult someone from the Cosmetics department. I’ve been using the Biotherm Brand but I was looking for something small so that I can carry it around with me. I made my way to the Cosmetics department and there I was greeted by Sylvana. She was very nice and courteous at first so I really had a good impression. I told her what I needed and she was so eager to give me a brand that her husband actually used. I was happy with her service. We even had a chat about her name being so beautiful. I even told her that her name is a brand of a delicious dessert in my country. We chatted for a bit. Knew some personal stuff about her husband and something about family background, I honestly forgot the details already but I guess what I want to point out is that me and her made a good customer- sales associate interaction and I was really happy then. When we got to the payment part of our transaction, I decided to use my Optimum Points to redeem 10 dollars worth of points. My total amounted to about 11 dollars so I just had to pay the difference. She scanned my card and was impressed with my points. She said verbatim “you have 175 dollars worth of points girl!”. I just smiled and said that I really don’t use points much because I didn’t have the need to redeem them. At least not yet. I wanted to save it for the rainy days. As far as I know, the transaction went fine. Everything was perfect. One thing that was a bit off was that after our transaction, I verbalized that I wanted to buy a perfume. Sylvana encouraged me to think about it first then just come back another day. I thought she was sweet to suggest that honestly, she even said that a perfume is the ESSENCE OF WHO YOU ARE SO YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. When I heard her say that, I was so touched and I just adored her. |I stayed a little bit to think about the perfume thing but decided to let it go. Again, she urged me to just think about it and decide to buy it some other day, she said i should “take my time” Thinking about that now, Why would a good Sales Associate actually urge a customer to delay any type of purchase, especially a perfume. A good sales associate would have grabbed that opportunity to sell her customer the perfume right?. I mean, Shopper’s actually have expensive perfumes and i was eyeing a perfume from Vera Wang at that moment but she said i should think about it. So i did, didn’t think much about it, found it odd but what the heck, I was happy with her assistance.
Wednesday July 23, 2015, I decided to go Shoppers Pickering Town Center Branch again to purchase more stuff. I think its kinda obvious now that |I am one of your loyal customers eh? (LOL). I saw Sylvana before I started shopping, I waved at her and she seemed like she doesn’t remember me at all so I just went on with my shopping, not really minding if she did remember me or not cause people have different short term memory capacities right?. Bought items amounting to more than $150 and when I was done I decided to go straight to the cosmetics department and greet Sylvana. I said hi and asked her if she even remembers me and she said “Yes, yes of course”. I reminded her about the dilemma I had about the perfume. She again said that I should think about it, and that I should not hurry. She suggested that I buy the sample booklet for the perfumes and I found that really nice. She gave me an idea for my next purchase, I told her that I would definitely buy it once I have a coupon I could use for it. So it was time for me to cash out. I gave my optimum card to Sylvana. Again my total was more than $150 so I decided to use my points. Naturally I asked her “Why not?” She said “Cause you only have 800+ points on your card.” I swear, the moment I heard that, my heart just wanted to drop. I just wanted to curl up and faint. I don’t know. I mean, where did my 97, 000 points go? I then told her that this should not be the case because like she said on July 20th 2015, I have more than 800 points on my account. She said, “No you don’t.” (in a very disgusted manner). I was almost to the point of crying then. I asked her if she could remember the transaction we had last Sunday and actually reminded her that she even commended me for my points. She answered back verbatim “No, I do not remember customers and their points so I don’t know how much points you have”. I told her “I’m not asking for you to remember how much I exactly have, I just want to know if you at least remember the fact that you were impressed with my points before so that just means that its way more than 800 right?”. She answered me this way, “You know that I could not help you out with that right? Might as well call the customer service hotline.” She even asked me if I’m sure that no one used my card. And of course I said I’m sure. I was so frustrated to hear her say that. I expected her to be like sympathetic but instead she was cold and indifferent bout my situation. Sorry for my language but 97, 000 [censored] POINTS DO NOT JUST HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. AND IT SURE AS HELL DO NOT JUST VANISH LIKE THAT! I stayed calm during my conversation with her. I take pride in myself for being able to maintain a calm and collected attitude when it comes to stressful situations. It’s part of my nature. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of the situation but it could have helped me a lot if she could have offered me more help like calling her Manager for assistance or at least offering assistance in resolving it. It felt really bad in the moment because i didn’t feel like she was concerned about my issue. I didn’t mind calling customer service, i wanted to get to the bottom of the problem right away because i did not want to lose my points entirely. I remember actually smiling and laughing with Sylvana before i went out somewhere even if i was so frustrated about what happened. I decided to go out of the store and actually had to take a seat somewhere. At first i thought about calling customer service. But i remembered that i actually have a Shoppers App with all my Optimum Card Info in it. I then decided to explore that app (Honestly i didn’t even know you guys keep track of every transaction I make with the store...thANK God for that!). Behold! My Account History showed one transaction for July 20th, 2015. It shows that i bought $11 worth of items and 95, 000 points was redeemed for it. I mean, wow!!!... it doesn’t make sense. I was so relieved that i found out what went wrong. I was very excited to tell Sylvana about it. I was sure she would help me out now that i had proof the transaction went wrong. I hurriedly went back to the store. I Went straight to where Sylvana is and whala! I saw her crying her heart out. I was taken aback by this ofcourse, honeslty thought i was the one that upset her. I asked her whats wrong and she said a fellow co-worker died. I felt sorry definitely. But i could not delay the resolution to my problem too. Sorry to admit that i was a bit selfish then. A co-worker died and i understand that but i think a customer should not pay the consecquences of having an emotional workplace issue. So to be more respectful I asked Sylvana if we could talk in private. She asked me with a bit of an attitude again as to why i needed to talk to her. I told her i’ll tell her once we were in a private place. So she agreed and we had to go to this corner and talk. The conversation went like this. I said “Sylvana, i’m sorry again for your loss, i really am. But we do have another problem. I think you kind of messed up the transaction of my points last Sunday and i need your help to fix it.” Her face visibly changed and she replied, “I did not make a mistake, do you have the receipt?” I said it didn’t matter because I had the app for it. Then she said verbatim “You know what, I’m not emotionally ready to talk to you right now, I’m not in the mood so let me call my manager” (she was giving me very hurtful looks and she was raising her voice a bit as if her calling a manager would scare me). I mean, WTH was that?. I didn’t even initiate the manager thing, and she still she had the audacity to call the manager on me...whoa! great! she paged the manager. She kept on crying and i was standing infront of her like a monster who made her cry or something. Nadia came with a worried face and asked whats wrong, the first thing Sylvana said is that her co-worker died. Then she explained the situation to Nadia. She was saying stuff like “Nadia can you check this girl’s account, she’s claiming that she has over 95, 000 points and it shows she only has 800+ points on her account. Can you check it out COZ I DONT THINK I MADE A MISTAKE” (REALLY?...OMG...what are you trying to say lady?. If you didn’t make mistake, then you actually claim that im lying to you?...the nerve!!!). She was saying this over and over and it came to the point wherein i just had to look at her and actually tell to stop making it seem like im lying. Nadia asked me to come with her to the other side of the store. I had to show nadia my app which shows what exactly happened on July 20th. She was visibly shocked about it and said that she’ll take care of it (She did look like she was annoyed though. I mean seeing her co-worker crying while infront of a customer who has every right to be mad probably made her biased in a way. My point is, she does not seem happy to assist me at all). She had to go through this door that says “Staff only” she didn’t even tell us where she’s going, we just stood there like silly immigrants who make a fuss bout everything. An assistant manager named Heather passed by and was nice enough to ask what was happening. I explained everything to her and she said “This happens, don’t worry we’ll return your points today”(Thank you for the very very warm re-assurance. I appreciate that..). Heather instructed Nadia to call customer service and assist me with my issue then off she went to the back room. Nadia went to a cashier’s booth and asked a sales associate named Debbie to call customer service. Debbie was nice enough to call them for me then passed the phone to Nadia. Nadia spoke with the Customer Service Representative and explained everything i guess. Nadia called me after about 15 minutes and asked if i could speak with the head office representative. I spoke with the representative whom i thought was sweet and very accommodating and gave all the info she needs. She informed me that the store will give me 65, 000 points and the call center will give me 30000 points to compensate for the points i lost last July 20th. I asked Nadia if i should stay around and she said “You do what you want to do, this is going to take 65 different transactions so might as well do what you have to do”. She sounded sarcastic but i was really too exhausted to even care. I even went to the extent of buying her coffee cause i kinda made her day a little complicated. I did this willingly, she said i didn’t have to but them anything but i insisted cause its the least i can do for causing trouble. You guys don’t know how i profusely apologized to everyone bout everything that happened. I tried to stay nice all throughout. Nicholas, Debbie, Nadia and Carson can all attest to how i acted that day. I am a nice person and i felt like i didn’t get the respect that a loyal customer should get. Not from Sylvana atleast. I stayed there for almost 2 hours. Not once did she like reach out to sincerely apologize for what happened. It was clearly a mistake on her end. I have proof of that. Heather even admitted the “we (Shopper’s) messed it up”. Why did she not have the courtesy to just say sorry. Thats all i needed honestly. An honest apology for what happened. And a sense o reassurance that they will help me out the best way they can. I didn’t get that honestly. People were nice yes, but they didn’t make me feel like my issue actually mattered. Debbie showed concern i think, but i wanted to hear and see more from Sylvana.
I went home after shopping with my friend and decided to check my account. I found out that my optimum card was missing from my wallet and the only place i could have left it was the shoppers store at the mall. I honestly didn’t want to do anything with the store anymore cause of what happened. I decided to call the shoppers hotline to get my card changed. I spoke with a wonderful customer service representative who was very apologetic bout what happened. She helped me get my card changed and will actually send the card to my address. She was perfect, her name starts with a “J”. Koodos for that customer service rep. She actually made me feel like i could trust Shoppers again. I decided to give the store another chance. I made my way back to the store and asked Nicolas if i could speak with a manager and Sylvana. Nicolas paiged for a manager and a manager named Shannon approached me. Hold your horses cause this is another issue. I was very respectful when i spoke with Shannon. I introduced myself properly and asked if i could speak to her in private. She asked me “Why?” and i answered, “its better if i tell you in private”. Here’s what she said. “we do not have a private place, this is the best we can do” (FYI we were infront of the casheir’s booth right in the middle of an isle where everyone can hear us.) So i asked her again “Can we go somewhere no onw will hear us.” She again disagreed and told me we can talk there. I then asked her again “Do you honestly want to discuss my issue right here?. Where all this people can hear?..i can do that but i want to make sure you’re okei with that”. I think this made her think a little (my honest impression of Shannon was this, she thinks im a spoiled little brat that just needs attention and she doesn’t have time to deal with my drama. This is how you guys made me feel. She didn’t look past how i look like, she was like treating and making me feel like i didn’t matter.) So we decided on a corner we could talk. I asked if we could atleast go somewhere no one could hear but still she says that there is no private place she can take me. So i decided to talk to her wherever she asked me to stop. Customers where listening, she didn’t care so i went on. She didn’t really seem like she cared about my side. She was saying “Sylvana is one of the best sales representative i have. This things happen. We got you your points back. And we had a death so understand our situation.” Sylvana passed by while i was relaying my side of the story. She gave me this very annoyed look. She actually looked at me from head to toe. (That woman has some!) I asked nicely if she could join our discussion. I just really wanted hear her side of the story too. I wanted to understand why she acted the way she did. Why did she not just admit what she did last Sunday, why did she become so argumentative with a customer who she obviously wronged?..why?...and Shannon was like. “No, you vent out to me and I’m the one who speaks with my team” (If i was a member of Shannon’s team i’d feel lucky to have her as a manager. Wow!, protective much?) I admire her braveness though. But what about the customer’s side?. I just wanted an apology honestly. Shannon said “I’m the one apologizing on her behalf” (Well sister, your apology didn’t sound sincere in the first place. You sounded annoyed when you said it) and she said i should understand that a team member died and everyone is not happy about it. I’m not happy too. I maybe a b**** bout this but i’m a loyal customer who needs assistance cause you guys can just easily mess up my points and act all dumb about it. I don’t know your co-worker. Do not make that an excuse to treat people like they don’t have the right to complain and ask for apology coz you have way bigger problems and emotional baggages. I’ve had the priviledge of working as a CSR for a big American Company so i know how we all should deal with customers. What happened to “Customers are always right”?. I nicely asked Shannon if i could please speak with Sylvana, she’s the one that made the mistake, Shannon’s apology wont mean anything to me and wont mean anything to her coz she isn’t the one involved right?. She refused again?. I had to ask her. “Do i have to sue you guys to actually get an apology from her?” Shannon said “Yes, by all means, if you feel like doing that then do so.” WOW! THATS MY NEXT STEP IF THIS DOESNT GET RESOLVED.
The bottomline of all this is, I am nicely asking you to please deal with these people. If they need training for good customer service then please. I want an apology, a sincere one from Shannon and especially from Sylvana. |Like i said, this whole issue of me loosing my points and one of your associate actually acting like i’m lying bout it caused me great emotional trauma. |Your Manager Shannon actually made me feel like im an enemy and that her associates need protecting against me. No one deserves this kind of treatment. Especially a customer who spent thousands of dollars just to earn your [censored]* POINTS. (sorry for my language again). I do not require any sort of compensation. All i want is the apology i think i deserve. I also want my points to be fixed totally. If i was a different person, this could have been much worst. But honestly i don’t want anything negative on my conscience. I don’t want anyone to be fired or reprimanded. I just want the people involved to apologize And undergo some trainings about good customer service. If they made a mistake, please be apologetic, do not try to cover things up. Why not just apologize and offer your sincere assistance?. Another is how you make your customers feel in times of complaints..please ..come on. Atleast do not make them feel like they’re enemies and you guys are a group that we cannot even penetrate. I love Shoppers. But the incident totally ruined the whole thing for me. That store definitely lost a customer. I don’t care if i actually have to walk all the way to Kingston shoppers, i won’t ever shop at the PTCbranch again! As you can see, my demands doesn’t really do me any good. I just don’t want this same incident to happen to someone else. If a customer like me whose been loyal to your store ever since can be treated like how your associates treated me then what more for people who might be inconvenienced with the incompetence of your associates? I feel bad for your company if this keeps on happening. I reaaly am emotionally traumatized by all of this. Now, you can contact me at my number, [protected]. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. I’m serious about this as you can see. I’m up till 3 am writing all this down. Please do something about this. I called customer service and relayed what happened. Please check your records. I’ll be waiting for your response. I’m prepared to take this to court if i have to. Thank you!

Jul 28, 2015

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