Shoppers Drug Martshopper's optimum coupon - buy one nail polish get one free

On Tuesday May 16th at 8:30pm I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to take advantage of an Optimum coupon which indicated buy one get one free on ANY nail polish from 6-9pm only. I spent about 20 minutes making a decision on the polish colours and when I attempted to use the coupon at check-out, they would not scan as buy one get one free. I was not the only one this happened to. There were 3 other people in the store at the same time and had the same issue. In the very fine print, it stated on regular priced nail polish. This was one of the most misleading forms of advertising I have ever seen. Of course, almost every nail polish was on sale at the time. I am sure this was no coincidence. Rather than wasting peoples valuable time, have your marketing people work on being more clear in their advertisements and not mislead loyal Shoppers customers. This has definitely tainted my view of the company and will now question the integrity of each coupon they sent out. It was a huge disappointment to walk out of the store without any nail polish and a waste of 30 minutes of my time, after arguing with the store manager, who could not assist in any way. Obviously, I was not the only person who felt mislead, angry and disappointed all that the same time, as there were 3 other women who were arguing the same point. The advertisement could have at least said on regular priced nail polish, in the copy on the main advertisement and not bury it into the t&c's. Perhaps run these coupon offers, when everything is not on sale, to avoid any customer confusion and disappointment.

May 17, 2017

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