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Riverview, NB, Canada
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I'm writing to you on behalf of an incident that took place yesterday evening around 11:00 pm. I was astound by the service that was provided by the pharmacist working during this time. As a healthcare professional he hold a respected position in society to provide quality patient care and safety when in need. My spouse and I came into shoppers around 11:00 as previously mentioned to purchase Diphenhydramine (Benadryl).

Prior to leaving our apartment he had been having some typically signs and symptoms of allergies, which is not unusual for him especially during this time of year. He visually had a few hives and his torso was reddened more than usual. By the time we arrived at Shoppers Drug Mart, I immediately could tell that he was not having his usual allergies to the seasonal changes or dander, he was having an allergic reaction to something he had either ingested or came into contact with. He had visually noted hives covering his entire body and his face began to swell up. As a new graduate RN, I knew to give him a dose of benadryl and take him to the hospital immediately. Rushing through the aisle to find the benadryl, I went up to the pharmacist station and said " My spouse is having an allergic reaction to something and he needs benadryl right away" the pharmacist turned from me and he walked away to go and answer a telephone call. Without a word from him I repeated " my spouse is having an allergic reaction can you please help me find the benadryl". The pharmacist continued to ignore me and picked up his telephone to answer the call. He could see my spouse who was standing right beside me with a reddened/swollen face and hives covering his entire body. I said it one last time to the pharmacist and all he did was point to an aisle that was very vague.

A family who overheard me requesting for help found the Benadryl for me and I immediately gave my spouse 20ml dose. At this point he had been already having difficulty breathing. I purchased the Benadryl and immediately went to the ER where they admitted him immediately and gave him epinephrine along with prednisone and Zantac. We were in the ER for over 3 hours to monitor his condition. Both the nurses and physicians looking after my spouse said had he of not received that dose of Benadryl prior to coming in his airways could have potentially closed. The Benadryl saved him time. What upsets me the MOST is that the pharmacist ignored us completely even when he know my spouse was having this reaction. What do YOU think would have happened if he was alone, or even worse if I were not a healthcare professional myself knowing what to do. Had we had not found the Benadryl his airways may have closed leading him to suffocation. I was absolutely mortified of the service given by the pharmacist who could physically see my spouse having an allergic reaction while I was requesting Benadryl, but as previously mentioned he continued to ignore us.

As a health care professional myself, It is our duty and responsibility to uphold the oath of patient safety and care. I cant even begin to explain to you how upset I am of this incident we encountered with the pharmacist working. I am actually so upset I will never shop at this Shoppers Drug Mart again, a place I would typically go to for almost anything.

May 4, 2017

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